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Ask customers to recommend you

I would like to know what you think about asking a customer to recommend you to their friends and family (after having pleased the customer), is like to get more customers outside of Fiverr and attract them to us, would be an excellent way to promote our services without spam. What do you think?

Asking the buyer outside, forget it, it is against TOS. Your approach to him would become an attractive way to make him come to you again

No, I’m not asking a buyer to buy me out of Fiverr, what I’m saying is that it would be interesting to ask a buyer to recommend me to their friends and family (who are obviously out of Fiverr), if they accept they will have to register in Fiverr and make the orders they want, at no time talk about selling outside of Fiverr.

Ow, sorry, misunderstanding. Nice idea, that way , you can increase your sales

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