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Ask for a Modification


This is the kind of stuff that makes me mad, first my buyer writes:

"Thanks for sending through. A couple of points, firstly do review the file you sent me, you include names for a babies?

Also, and I’m not asking for any modifications or changes, but most, if not all, of the names aren’t ideal for a business or product.

Anyways, thanks again"

Yes, I forgot to delete some brand names on the 2nd page, my bad. If you didn’t understand that, you should have asked for a modification, it’s the best way to let a seller know you’re not satisfied, instead he gives me a 2-star review and writes:

"The gig was exactly as stated. Though the creative process of how the names was clearly shown, the result was just that of completing a gig and not actually there to provide solid business or product names."

Really? Is my gig not 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back? Did you not read that in the description?

See buyers? This is why sellers get angry with you sometimes. You’re not following Fiverr’s procedures, the modification button is there for a reason. USE IT!




Something that i always do when someone order my gig is that i always remember the buyer to ask for any modification if he or she isn’t satisfied with the delivery before they mark it as complete.


After reading some of your responses to your negative reviews I am empowered! Way to not be a doormat! 8->


Reply to @elinge: Thanks a good thing, I will add that to my instructions.


Reply to @vainpaper: Thanks Vainpaper. You want to know something ironic? The buyer ended up removing his bad review but said he didn’t want a refund. Sometimes buyers surprise me. I do try not to get too angry. LOL. Sometimes I can relate to the Soup Nazi character from Seinfeld. “No Copy for You!” LOL


Reply to @fastcopywriter: Yeah, my gig is about 2d drawings (Cad) you can imagine that some of my orders are very specific, so i delivered them and then i always ask “If there is something you dont like, just tell me and i’ll do any modification”.

Maybe some buyers think that the seller wont make any modification or don’t know, but for new sellers on fiverr (Like me) we have to be over the client asking if anything is right so the buyer can come again or give a good review that will help with more sales.


Reply to @elinge: I don’t envy you, if people who can’t write are difficult, I can’t imagine people who can’t draw. There’s nothing harder than having a vision in your head and making someone realize that vision.


I think people seem to consider copywriters on this site mind readers. Like, you’re supposed to match their subjective like or dislike of words character per character, and if you don’t, you obviously don’t know what you’re doing!

I reckon you’d need a crystal ball to satisfy them all. If they don’t like the names, they should’ve asked for modifications and specified what was wrong. SMH…

Love your responses to your negative reviews! You’re an inspiration, seriously. You take no shit, you’re (dare I say it) a boss ass bitch.


Reply to @mcromano: Thank you so much, you’re very kind. In corporate settings I’m actually quite shy, but when I’m online I can be quite vicious sometimes, I try not to be, depends on who I’m dealing with.


Reply to @fastcopywriter: To be honest, I assume in corporate you’re dealing with much bigger sums of money paid for your work. At $5 a pop, eff it, you’re entitled to being snippy when it’s due. People can be so cheap sometimes, honestly…they never realise they’re paying the equivalent of a candy bar for creative services that would usually pay tens of times more!


Reply to @mcromano: I do try to do my best with every order, I don’t just rush it in, but all my gigs are subjective. How will I know which brand names, headlines, the clients will like? I don’t. One client may love (pets), (fashion), (adult toys), while another hates it. Of course, in the real world you’d be paying $1,000-$2,000 for this service, and getting 100, maybe even 500 brand names. Here’s people pay $5, I sometimes deliver $10, and then I make $0. LOL Of course, sometimes clients love my work. It’s a crapshoot.


Reply to @fastcopywriter: HA! Love it. I just dig how you told buyers WHY they had a bad experience. Luckily I haven’t had any negative reviews yet. However, I’ve had many cancellations where I have wanted to give them a piece of my mind but have kept my thoughts to myself. NEVER AGAIN. I will be the Design Nazi to your Copy Nazi.


Reply to @vainpaper: Sometimes when they demand a modification, I just go ahead and cancel. Unless it’s a specific request with clear instructions so I can fix it well, it’s rarely worth my time. I hate losing money, but I also hate losing time. That’s the stuff life is made of.


Reply to @fastcopywriter: I agree! I don’t feel that any buyer is entitled to free work hours. Some even submit text they know is wrong just to get the design started, then use the Modifications feature to request extensive edits that should have been part of the order requirement submission in the first place! GAHH!