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"Ask for Gig Requirements" button isn't working

While sending a custom offer, I turned off “Ask for Gig Requirements” button and it didn’t work. Buyer placed the order and he was asked to fill the requirements, order didn’t start automatically as it was supposed to. Happened to me twice today.


Looks like fiverr gave a little “facelift” to “Create A Custom Offer” tab and something went wrong. Anyone else tried this today?

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Yeah, I’ve experienced a few issues with Fiverr’s new custom offer design, too. While some customers are not being asked to fill in the order requirements even when the seller asks for them, others, such as yourself, are facing the opposite issue. At one point, my custom offer did not accurately reflect my custom offer description as well as the offer details in the custom offer box that’s show in the inbox after creation of the custom offer.

I think you should report it to CS (if you haven’t already) to get an expedited response from them. :slight_smile:

Here’s another thread on a similar issue: