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Ask for review from the client

How are you, everybody? i have a question that after completing the work how can I ask a client
for review without any problem in my profile?


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Do not even mention the word review or feedback. You could get a warning against your account if you do! :scream_cat:


If you perform even a precursory search in the forum, you’ll quickly discover that asking buyers for reviews or even merely feedback on an order potentially endangers your account.

Don’t do it. It’s not worth it.


Good grief no! The intent is the same. That is simply trying to game the system into not noticing it. The buyer can (and should) report a seller who tries to violate the rules in such a deceptive manner.

The YouTuber you heard this from seems to be full of bad advice.


So I guess we should all just spell Paaaaay pal this way or maybe my eeeeeeema il is this…or order my stuff cheaper at my weeeeeb site… here is the addddresss.

Come on. Please do not listen to these YouTube “gurus” who will get your account banned.

No. You cannot “discuss” a review before, during or after the project. This is considered review manipulation by Fiverr and can get your account a warning or if you do it enough times, banned. Do not give out false information.



Yeah, you’re right!

When buying, nothing turns me off as a seller begging for a review, no matter how that’s spelled ;).
Anyway, you should avoid requesting as it’s against fiverr rules and can get you a warning.



You can but when you start discuss with your buyer you simple tell him that I will try my best and judge me with my work and give feedback it will help my career

If you read the reply I got from Customers Service, you will see that Jenny said, “Any solicitation, manipulation, or just a comment on feedback may lead to our relevant team to issue a warning to the user who made the statement.”

Stop giving bad advice that can get other sellers in trouble! I am a buyer and a seller on Fiverr. Seller reminds buyers two times to review the order. Plus, the buyer gets to give two secret reviews about the seller in addition to the public review you see on your gig. If a seller asked me for a review, I would not give them any public review and give them poor secret reviews.


@arman_rahman I see you gave my post a :heart:. I hope that means you are going to stop using your trick to try to get reviews. You could lose your account by getting warnings for doing so. :weary:

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yeah I got your point
I will not doing this again thanks

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