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Ask for splitting the order

Is it against the TOS of FIverr if I ask my buyer to split the order in three parts (which contain a script, a video youtube resolution and video Instagram video), so that I may increase the number of orders delivered on my account (gig)?


If that’s the only reason you’d be doing it, then yes - also the buyer would have to pay an extra ‘admin fee’ each time, which wouldn’t be very popular.

Why not add each option as a gig extra or package, or offer them as separate gigs?


Yes, you are right. I will do the same in future. But for now I have done as I have stated that why need some clearance, because with that customer I have stucked. So wanted to report to Fiverr. I asked the question just to know if my position is on safe side.

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You’d be better to ask CS if you’ve got any doubt.