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Ask guidance for me


hello everybody!
I had a buyer who canceled the order and said that he will create many accounts and buy me then cancel it.
i sent messages with Fiverr, they said that negatively reflected on cancellation is automatic and they can not do any action on it.
yesterday i had a buyer who ordered but did not give any information of the order to me,I sent him messages but he did not answer me ,I checked out and found that he was online 3 hrs ago. if imagine that this buuyer is the same previous one, it is easy to use another account form other country. how can i combat with this buyer? this buyer can easily have some different orders and get my level, the levels which I worked hard on it and has many good reviews on it.
i sent ticket but no answer received yet, whether i expect that for a seller with level 2 they should answer sooner than this, but i did not receive any asnwer still.
i hope someone can help me.


While this is sad to hear, unfortunately, I don’t think there could be anyway if a buyer is stopped from harming, as there is no way where fiverr authorities can restrict a person from creating new accounts if he keep on changing the identity-especially if buyer.

The only option at this hour would be to resolve the issue with the buyer yourself.


thank you but i think it is good that fiverr can support me in this time,each social system combat to spammer and fiverr have to do it,i think cancel rate is not a good option for evaluation seller,correct?because spammers can misuse of it.


Increase the gig value maybe?


this is a good way thank you but buyer make two accounts,first he/she buy of me in first account then cancel his order,then he buy of himself in second account and so can withdraw funds even,you know if had 10 cancellation in one month then can’t recovery yourself,also some sellers can’t do increase on gig,for example one seller create pencil sketch for 20$ then how he/she can increase price?


The issue is, cancellation rates has its own benefits as well-ensuring sellers can deliver services when hired else get a penalty for it.

Assume you hire a freelancer for your project and after 10 days of wait, the seller simply send you a request for cancellation.

So, I don’t think for one or a few bad buyers, Fiverr will change the rule/policy


Yes, this is one solution.

Another one is to also mention on all of your gigs, in a professional and polite manner, that a buyer should contact you first prior to placement of the order.


Don’t accept to cancel the order.
He will play with you if he gets his money back. If he pays and lose his money he will stop!


i don;t think that it is a good way because i had experience like this that buyer can cancel his order without any reason.


So, you don’t have any other solution than going back to level 0 as you can’t block a buyer.
He promised to ruin your account. If you accept the cancellations, he will ruin your account and you will help him :wink:




As Carine says, don’t accept unjustified cancellations and keep reporting.

If you’re sure it’s the same person with different accounts, I’d not make new tickets but update the original one, stressing that you think it’s multiple accounts of a competitor trying to harm your account, so it’s easier for support to check.
Avoid sounding too much like a conspiracy theorist though, just the facts. :wink:


Thank you Dear miiila,yes i don’t cancel order yet and i am waiting for reply fiverr,but each order have a specific time and i think cancel order is better of late delivery because of if your order marked as late then buyer can cancel order and give you a bad feedback,correct?


Both, a cancellation, for any reason unfortunately, even if not your fault at all, and a bad review hurt your stats.

But at least, if you risk the bad review, you’ll get the money and discourage the person from trying that again on you or other sellers, plus there’s a chance that Fiverr might delete the bad review, of course they’d only do that if they’d find out that it definitely is the same person and did it in order to harm your account.
It’s not certain at all, results of sellers in similar cases have been different.

It’s your choice of course, if you think a potential bad review would hurt you more than a cancellation and you’d rather work without money than risk it.

Keep in mind that with a cancellation rate of under 90%, you can’t send offers to buyer requests, and would lose a level if it’s still under 90% on the next evaluation date. Then again, you need at least 4.8 in reviews to keep your level too.

It’s a question of whether you want to let that awful person who told you they want to ruin your account, to get away with it, and a question of maths. Bad reviews are bad but also your cancellation can drop faster than you can turn around, if, for example, a buyer accidentally orders 3x the same gig and CS cancels 2 of them, etc. :expressionless:
You need to decide what is the lesser evil.

Personally, no way I’d enable someone telling me that.


thank you very much, i will think about it.