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Ask Why Buyers "Ordered By Mistake"

Like many other sellers, I’ve had a few buyers who come along and then request to cancel because they’ve ordered by mistake. On two occasions lately, instead of instantly accepting the cancellations I’ve asked them how they ordered by mistake. It turned out that they wanted a different gig, and asked if I could do that instead of cancelling. Both times I’ve linked them to the gig I think they actually want, made sure they’re happy with those terms and be able to prevent cancellations happening.

It won’t happen all the time, but I recommend asking politely how the buyer “ordered by mistake.” Often it is a misreading of the gig or something within the description and thinking that cancelling is the right thing to do. Striking up a conversation could see that cancellation turn into a sale.

Thank you for this tip :slight_smile: It may be very useful. I only had a few cancellations, 2 were clearly the buyer’s wrong order, but it sounded more like he already found someone else to do it. But I’d definitely try this next time. :slight_smile:

Thanks for tip!

I do the same.

However, you will be surprised at how many people conveniently order my ‘tip gig’ by mistake which has a 1 day delivery time!

Also, if it is anotherseller, just ask for gig exchange insted of cancelation and actually provide the service both sides.

I made that mistake recently and ordered the wrong gig from a seller. Clicked the wrong gig. Bought from that seller before and was pleased then so just suggested leaving this order as a tip. Yeah I know that average buyer more than likely won’t do that but as a seller myself $5 won’t break the bank obviously.

The more you talk with your buyers is the more you increase the probability of being liked. Buyers like to be convinced. They are there, just you have to be the charmer there.

Reply to @mimie01: I have tried this one…but didnt work :frowning: