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Asked buyer for feedback

Hello Everyone,
So I asked a buyer after he marked the order complete ‘would you please take a moment of your time to rate your feedback with me?’ and after reading that he did gave a positive review… can someone tell me if I did right or not?


If you read the rules you would know this is not allowed.

We’ve explained this hundreds of times in the forum, too.

And please work on your English. That phrase actually doesn’t make sense, really.


You are not allowed to ask or discuss reviews with buyers !
Never do that !

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It is up to a buyer as to whether they wish to leave a review or not.

There have been many forum posts where sellers have got a warning for discussing a review.

Best just to leave them alone and move on.

But the thing is fiverr says ‘Do not manipulate buyers to provide positive feedback. & It is against Fiverr’s policies for sellers to solicit feedback from Buyers in exchange for refunds, discounts, upgrades or any other type of additional benefit.’ I never asked for a positive feedback…

:grinning: :grinning: Did you get a warning message? I think you will get a warning message. Because I think they track specific words. However, you don’t need to request feedback. If the buyer likes with your design definitely he gives you feedback and also he can tip you. I think you must read Fiverr TOS.
Read forum articles and keep in touch with this forum. :grinning: :grinning:
Also, You can’t share your personal details here. Read more Fiverr rules

You cultivated bias by asking for a reciew and you aren’t allowed to do that. It’s unethical and annoying.

It doesn’t become okay to do that just because you didn’t ask for a positive review.


The fact you’re asking suggests you know it’s against Fiverr’s rules.

As others have said, doing so can result in an account warning.

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