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Asked fiverr resolution support , 16days no reply

I have asked fiverr resolution support for order its 16 almost 17days ago. still no one replies…
a buyer gets her work done and she got what we discussed before the order and after i delivered the final work.she added excuses and asked for refund.
so i contacted fiverr support still no reply.


after 10days a buyer ordered accidentally and its now “VERY LATE” status but i asked fiverr support like 7days ago.

i don’t know what to do.


If you delivered the first delivery on time, then don’t worry about that “late” sign. From what I understand there’s been a big influx of new sellers so I’m guessing CS must be flooded right now, just have to keep waiting.


You’re probably low in the triage, if triaged at all, because Fiverr tends to like sellers to handle this themselves (and you can). It doesn’t sound like you’ve tried very hard to remedy this and are expecting Fiverr to do that for you.

i mean how you are saying that without knowing… why would someone just disturb CS in this situation without any serious problem which can solve themselves.

That’s why. I do know what happened. Because you told me… She asked for a cancellation. You then went right to CS to ask them to solve it for you.

You’re asking why it’s taking so long. I’m telling you.