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Asked for help but account will be blocked?


hi all
I do know what is help center for? what did you help ? and how can you do this to me

today I sent a help note to help center as below:

"Hi there

I am a Freelancer on fiverr Providing voice over recording and singing service ,As well as translation between 2 languages.

Recently,I met an annoying buyer.He jsut wants others service for free and do not want to pay anything.

On January 12th,He asked me for quote of singing a song.My quote was $40,But he said his budget was only 15 dollars.I answered I did not bargain.At that time, I felt I was not respected, so I did not agree with that low price. As you know,$40 ,this price is not high at all,it includes proofreading of his google bad translation of lyric,recording and 1 free revision as well.

I was busy as well doing my daytime work and forgot this thing soon.but…
Seven days later, on January 19th.I got a message from this guy again.He asked me to send an offer of $40 as I quoted first time.I thought he did not find a person to help him during that 7 I decided to sent my offer to him and provided me my service.

I delivered my recording to him before deadline ,then my bad dream started.He asked me for revision again and again and again,and I revised again and again and again,in total. for four times already!

First time revision, he asked me To record my vocal to be more bright.Then I did.Cause my order included one free revision.

Second time he said,New vocals sound better but it was not synchronized.Then I thought I needed to help to revise again.and I did this revision for free!

The third time revision, he said wav file was not to be playing,So I revised to send him mp3.

Then the 4th revision he said it was not synchronizing still.

Then yesterday, I, recorded again, the last revision until now.this unlimited revision request spent much of my time but I still did my best to revise.

However, I got a cancellation notice when I woke up today!Which said the quality of work was poor.

I totally not agree with this.I revised for four or even five times, Which spent much of my time and energy.

So I figured out that he just wants service for free and does not want to pay from the beginning of this order!he does not respect for other people’s work at all!

So I dispute that cancel notice And just want my Service paid.

If everyone wants service for free.then No freelancer likes to provide good service on this platform.

Hope somebody can help me.

thank you!"


and I added "
this user keeps on requesting revision and cancel orders
what should I do to get my service paid .this person does not want to pay others service
just want to get for FREE!
anyone can help me ?

Hello ,you can check my singing gig
all my reviews are 5 stars,I have not seen such a bad buyer like him before.
ask for help~~~~"""


now I got a reply from help center kim

:"Hi Charlotte,

Thank you for contacting us.
We reviewed this order for you and saw you false delivered this order multiple times. As such our Trust & Safety Team has placed a reminder on your account. It appears that you have received multiple warnings for violations of our Terms of Service. As a result, your account has been reviewed by our Trust & Safety Team, and permanently disabled. Please refer to this link, outlining our Terms of Service.

If you have funds available in your Fiverr account, please contact us 90 days after the date on which you received notification your account was disabled, and we will gladly assist you."


I am shocked!!!


any one from help center here on fiverr can help and explain to me???


You need to remove the name of the buyer as that is against forum rules. There is nobody on the forum who can help you as we are just buyers and sellers.


thank you !
I removed his id


my account is blocked…


my account is blocked ,I think


It doesn’t seem blocked, I see it just fine, and I see that you have delivered an order a few hours ago.


It’s removed as far as I can see.


You’re shocked that you broke multiple rules on Fiverr, and got caught? :neutral_face:


You’re right, it’s blocked. It was still there when I checked (about one hour before you).


I think she is here for help, not for somone to blame her. #inevermademistake


it IS blocked,all my great reviews from my customers are gone,
I do not understand that the faults caused by other can lead to this result

fiverr regulation:
“Revisions to deliveries can be performed by sellers based on the seller’s Gig and customer care. Sellers may determine the amount of revisions offered to buyers, including no revisions.”--------

I delivered 4-5 right revisions which he asked ,and I did what He asked and did much more.within my order,there was only one free revision provided.

“Requesting to gain more services from sellers beyond the agreed requirements by using the Request Revisions button is not allowed.Buyers who abuse the Request Revisions button to gain more services from sellers beyond the agreed requirements.”------

but that person asked more to threaten me .

“Buyers who threaten to leave a damaging review to gain more services from the seller not related to the agreed requirements.”------------

he threatened to cancel the order to let me work for free !

last revision or so ,he false requested revision,there was only one sentence “you need to cancel …” then I have to respond him using revision delivery.

I do not think it is fair to me,I thought fiverr was a friendly platform and fair one

so I will email them again to make my things understood and my account unblocked.