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Asked me to upgrade price now Packages Disappear

Really not happy at all!

Fiverr asked me to upgrade my prices on my gigs page and having done that i’m not only left with “Basic” instead of my 3 packages I was offering before! Really not happy at all about this

Why has this happened? Has anyone else had the same issue?


Someone needs to explain what is happening with this it’s costing me big time!

Did you read the very first post in that thread?

“Mod Note: I have been told by another V/O that there is a video which explains everything when you click edit on a V/O gig. I suggest all do that.”

It doesn’t explain about where packages have disappeared to it explains about updating the “Basic Price”

packages were removed from the voice over category.
That’s why they asked you to update, because they went away.

Why the hell would they do that! that is crazy! Packages worked very very well and gave us the seller more freedom to explain things better