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Asked who I voted for

New experience here today. I received a message from a potential client about writing a product description. They sent a list of questions about the project but the last one was whom I voted for in the 2016 presidential election. I asked why that was important for a product description project and they said that they need to know to decide if I’m the kind of person they want to work with. Um, I’ll make that decision for you. No thank you.


Wow … just … Wow … :scream:


Hahaha oh my GOD :woman_facepalming:t2:

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You never know… maybe it was a job for one of the political parties!

I’m only half joking there.

As a proofreader, over the years I’ve been approached through Fiverr by a few household brands who’ve been interested in working with me.

The sort of brands you think would hire very expensive marketing and PR agencies based in swish city offices. But no, they chose Fiverr!


That’s on being some thousands cheaper haha

You can smell the hydroxychloroquine from a mile away


I hope you hit them with a carefully crafted PR response of “none of your business”, OP.

A potential buyer once asked me if I believed in god. That was fun.


That’s a good point. I’ve actually found myself in this very position a few times myself. I’ve worked for a number of political candidates running for election in a variety of different countries. I never actually checked back in to see if they all won, but… you’re right, sometimes us sellers do end up working for some surprise clients. :wink:

NOTE: Some of those clients where ones I would not have voted for (i.e., different political platforms).


I wouldn’t work for another country’s political projects of any sort.

I’ve done some work locally, though. At least I know these people, the platforms, agendas, the context, etc. And they pay very well. I do miss those hourly rates.


As long as I was able to remain objective, it didn’t pose a problem. :wink:


I gave them the “Sorry, but I don’t discuss politics with clients.” Actually, I don’t discuss politics at all. This was not a political project. It was a description for a physical product on Amazon.

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I had a sort of similar experience, I guess.

It was a radio ad for a local church’s Tr**p 2020 campaign.

Cancelled that order faster than you can type yeeeeeeet