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#AskGaryVee. I Can't Even

Honestly, I need to stop visiting whenever it updates. Approximately 95% of posts are “help me, I am new”. Some have profiles that are clearly in review rings, or have no gigs (i.e. the usual level of helplessness).

Do they even read the OP or indeed any of the masses of advice posted here?

Do they ever take advice despite flocking like lobotomized sheep to an expert?

Haven’t they realized this is going to be a video which may have Gary drop in–then run away screaming–to answer the questions. It’s not a Q&A session! Especially not when the questions are a teeming mass of seething idiocy!

I also dislike the brown-nosing, but that’s less exasperating and more amusing if you read between the lines of the simpering gratitude. JVZoo guy was especially amusing, as he’d already tried emailing and got ignored, but was maintaining his fandom. Take a hint, JV guy.

I just… gah. Plus I have a feeling nobody will win anything (except for Gary). I mean, I’m just going on prior experience here. Perhaps unfairly, but let’s wait and see how the video turns out and which 9 hipstery businesses in three mandated locations win and how that pans out.

Please don’t screw this up AGAIN, Fiverr.

I also had one poster there spam me for… guess what? “please tell how mek sell?” ARGHHHHH!

Fiverr should have a competition where the prize is a potato.

I bet the “how I mek sells” crowd would still turn up with the requests. Well, I say EVERYONE gets a free potato in this brave new all-inclusive, everyone wins, competition!

I totally understand your frustration. It’s like they are not even reading what this is all about. Most of them are newbies and don’t even know how this plattform works. What I also noticed some of them don’t even come back to read some of the replies or suggestions, they just place new threads in various categories which can be quite frustrating. All we can do is to try to be patient and helpful and point them in the right direction :wink:

Yes! There’s nothing wrong with people asking for help, but when the question is repeated over and over and the answers are already provided (in stickied posts, in Tips for Sellers, with a search of the Fiverr FAQ, or even Fiverr’s own help pages/TOS etc), it’s just displaying willful ignorance. That many ask the question and then disappear never to be seen again–or their profile disappears seemingly minutes after asking–well… why bother?

Fiverr may want to consider implementing some sort to test like Upwork–before you could make your profile public, you had to answer a multiple-choice question on how the system worked. At least, they used to. I remember it being an annoyance, but it did serve the useful purpose of learning all the site’s details and also making it obvious where the many help pages were.

Hm, might be an idea for the suggestion box?

As for the mek sells crowd, this is what people think of you when you behave like the stereotype I’m mocking:

Borat was a comedy. Do you want to be a real-life Borat? No, I didn’t think so.

I just had a guy contact me in the middle of the night asking the same question. It’s been concluded that a very large percentage of new sellers think that there’s a direct answer on meking da sells, and will continue to post the same question until the magical answer appears before them. Of course, in a way that most can comprehend that doesn’t require hard work, or original content produced within their gigs (rather large influx of plagiarizers).

It’s like saying “hey, how do you do this” when a magician pulls a rabbit out of a hat-- something shocking and inexplicable, that even with a good answer, still seems like magic. The learning curve might be too steep or there might be too many obstacles to overcome for some. The answer seems obvious to some, and incomprehensible to others.

My issue with the Gary V thing is that it is pretty much pointless.
Same old, same old crap will be trotted out with such great features as:
Top 10 generic tips for business.
5 ways to annoy your friends by asking them to join pyramid schemes.
How to sell useless crap that makes me more money per sale than the total earnings generated by all those who buy it.

I would actually think a better use of Fiverr’s time and resources would be to take 5 TRS’s, 2 Fiverr developers and 1 person who can make site decisions, put them all in a room/Skype conversation and get them to thrash out solutions for the most annoying issues.

On a side note, I wonder how many of those who liked my “Mek sells” comment actually took it as a serious question…

I don’t know too much about Gary except that he’s kind of a big deal at social media marketing. However, looking at this Fortune profile, it’s, uh…

I think we all know exactly what Gary would say to the mek sell crowd. A quick glance at Fiverr and Gary’s FB/TW accounts reveals that the Great Man himself isn’t promoting it at all, and Fiverr’s announcements have been met with either complaints about slow customer support, people who want to mek sells, and people who would like someone else to enter them into the competition. In fact, the only mention on Gary’s FB page is a tagged one from Fiverr.

So I’m really wondering what’s going on here. Is Fiverr paying Gary for his name and a video that’s going to be more of the same and promoting it for what its worth and then using its sellers and staff to make up the bulk of the prize?

I like your idea, Eoin, but it is never going to happen, there’s no big name glitz or glamour there. If it were, I’d also throw in some top rated buyers (and I mean people who have spent hundreds of thousands, if there is such a beast, not your chap who got the badge because they get a $5 regular blog done on a weekly basis). Hell, even my union idea that bombed a while back could be tweaked into a council of users that reports to HQ every six months/year or whatever with recommendations for whatever the most horrible issues are for users.

I like to think your initial post set the tone and launched the billion mek sells posts that followed. In fact, only the car parts guy really seemed to have a good question that seemed to follow the OP.

Video gets made, no prizes are delivered and no explanations will be forthcoming, and the whole thing will quietly be swept under a rock. It’s in the comp T&C…

That, or it turns out the small business owners are the Worst Buyers Ever. That would be fun!

Well yes, but that’s what separates people: smart (not necessarily intelligent) people will try to figure it out and start looking for answers. Then there’s the rest, who just ask the endless “why”. If it drives Mommy and Daddy mad after the millionth time, it’s not going to work much better with random strangers who are tired of pointing to the same links time and time again. It’s just laziness, especially when Google pretty much gives you everything you could ever want to learn at your fingertips.

Binary thinking is so much fun!

They want to mek easy sell, not mek hard work. Sadly, the only answer to this conundrum is to be born into wealth and privilege. Or start up an Instagram account, that looks easy as shit (I’m sure it’s not!)

That link made me dislike him even more than I did previously…
I hope that Fiverr didn’t spend 6 figures on him for this! What I see as more likely is that Mr V sees Fiverr as a place where a large number of people who make their money on the internet (his target market) congregate and coming in to them as the holier than thou expert is an ideal way for him to gain a bigger following of people who will buy the stuff he sells.
Going on the response, I suspect this will be a bigger success for him than anyone else. Interesting that he isn’t promoting it himself, I think that points towards my vision being more likely, he is using Fiverr as a promotion tool for himself among Fiverr sellers rather than promoting Fiverr to the world.

I know I’m dreaming with the idea I put forward but I can’t leave the idea behind, it would be free or cheap, utilize some of the great knowledge they have at their disposal, turn the focus towards growing out of the “jobs for a fiver” mentality and potentially result in some real action. The massive buyers would be a great addition actually, and the union/council of sellers is something that should be seriously considered. I do think Fiverr wants to try and maintain a certain distance from sellers, understandably, but having a set-up where they would still have total control of what actually happens would be no bad thing, even from their point of view.

My comment didn’t set the tone! I was just amazed I got in there first. Mebbe I get gud answered from the nice sir coz I is first! (I seem to have evolved from the “mek sells crowd” to an “I can has cheezburger cat”, not sure why/how but it’s an interesting evolutionary path)

Indeed. If you dig into the responses enough, skimming past the acres of mek sells/complaints on any official post relating to this, there’s quite a few randos saying “lol $3000 of cheap $5 gigs! Why bother?”.

There was a good post earlier from @mediacorp (“what social media marketers actually do”–was in the ranting pot, now in conversations) you might want to check out. It’s long, but I found it interesting as someone who doesn’t know too much about SMM besides the obvious stuff. You should check it out. I mention this because you’re you’re correct that there are some absolute world-class experts at their job here. There’s no case studies of this kind of work, just pointless blogs like “superseller xyz bought a phone AND a house solely with his Fiverr income!”.

That’s bullshit. Sure, if I did something like that I’d let Fiverr know for my healthy blog spot and PR, but it’s aspirational crap for newbies who then clamor to mek sells. Where are the blog posts that focus on the concrete value that a service has added to a business’ bottom line? Best I can see is trivial stuff like “I made my CD and everything on Fiverr”. Well, that’s nice, but it’s not exciting. It’s not driving $10m worth of sales with one letter (that probably didn’t cost $5–but that’s where you drive the value of Fiverr…this $25 letter drove all that as opposed to $20,000). Or even how one idiotic video went viral and got this unknown personality into a global phenomenon. Those are both wildly exaggerated examples, but you get my point.

Fiverr DOES have a great pool of talent. It should make better use of it in a semi-official capability. I think we can all mostly agree that the refund/“Fiverr credit” system needs major overhaul, as well as security on all payments for sellers (regarding the PP loophole). Mainly because if Fiverr wants to grow even more, it also needs to demonstrate that it can be trusted with money when it comes to issues.

The biggest problem Fiverr has after this is its cheap image, and bad sellers are flooding the place, or so it seems. I could spent all day ripping up Fiverr’s numerous problems, including just about every PR drive they’ve had like this where the goods simply haven’t been delivered and after the event they’ve dropped it. How is that good for PR?

Still though, isn’t it fascinating that the great social media marketer hasn’t promoted this at all? My guess: someone at HQ is a fan of Gary and evangelized about him and then the idea snowballed into “what if we were on his popular Q&A show? GREAT PR and it will drive new users to us! Throw money at him!” and the rest is history. Guys–what if those new people who see the PR order from the too good to be true shit buyers, then discover that they can’t get refunds? What if erstwhile winners discover a loophole of free credit? Yeah I know they will have a “personal team member” on-side, but… c’mon.

I think a Fiverr seller based in NY/SF/Chi should join, let us know, get a shitload of votes (1 per day, not at all riggable!) and win the prize, then withdraw the entire $3000 without the 30% fees or whatever. Or, if a competition winner wanted to then just withdraw the money, it would be ridiculously simple to do so with a quick and dirty review ring.

I mean, even their comp page has stock image sellers and the actual gigs don’t exist (yeah I checked). Erm… this is incredibly bad. Still–the businesses are now up and guess what! THEY’RE ALL (ok, not all) STARTUP SEO COMPANIES! Hilarious.

It’s just gold-plated shit, really. Fiverr needs to start listening to its users more and take note of the most common complaints and work out how to fix them. Or make the inbox look prettier and hire a brash internet marketer to scream about whatever instead.

(your comment was first in that thread, so you are The Tonemeker)

Actually, I’m going to put my own entry in now. Fek it until you mek it, amirite? Well not tonight, I need to make up a website, a FB and a Twitter first.

But that’s literally it. Just think of the potential for abuse here. OK, so the votes only count for 50% (the remaining 50% is “an internal panel of judges” and Gary, which is…well, I don’t know, a bit imbalanced?)

This is a bit like Kickstarter Crap (YouTube), only even more poorly thought out.

That´s right.

I really had it with the Gary Vee this and that stuff. That guy is a major dude, he really doesn’t care what Fiverr sellers like us think or say about him.

I have never heard of him (but not his fault). You know, I just don´t know as many things as you do :slight_smile: and I am sure he doesn´t give a shit whether I know him or not, hehehe.

He is one of the greatest social media marketers of our times.

I will read about him just for the sake of curiousity :slight_smile:

@emmaki someone, anyone, on here for example could have a competition with a virtual potato or another “virtual prize”. The mek sells crowd will be over it like a rash. They will not even bother to read what it says and just see something being offered FREE. It would probably get to 100 pages before eventually getting removed after the servers go Chernobyl. The whole thing will then be forgotten until something else comes along…

This is not supposed to start until May 5. He is probably busy with other things until then.