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Asking a buyer for a feedback

Good evening everyone, I’ve got a question: Is it forbidden to ask a buyer for a feedback?
I left this message to my late customer " Please make sure to rate my job, this will absolutely help me as a new buyer".
Then was surprised by a Fiverr mail saying: “for future reference please keep in mind that asking for good reviews, feedback manipulation and solicitation of any kind is strictly prohibited on Fiverr and may lead to a warning being issued to your account.”
I mean, all I asked for was a review, I didn’t try to push my customer nor asked for a GOOD review.
Would anyone help me please?


Leaving a review is the prerogative of a buyer.

There have been many posts where sellers have got a warning because they asked for a review.

Best just to leave it and move on.

Check out this post: Asking for Reviews - This is what CS said


Fiverr reminds buyers twice to leave a review after you deliver. If he didn’t, it was his choice, not some glitch. Not all buyers leave reviews. Just move on, the next one probably will :slight_smile:


There is a way to ask it. I do ask all my buyer to drop reviews and I have not receive any warning. I do say " kindly drop a feedback as it is important for the development of this platform" . That is all.


@assist_joanna, you must have missed the link that @lloydsolutions post above.

In it, CS warns, “Any solicitation, manipulation, or just a comment on feedback may lead our relevant team to issue a warning to the user who made this statement.”


You have been very lucky so far. Please don’t do this unless you don’t mind having a warning issued.


This is the part you violated. While it should probably read, “…manipulation OR solicitation…”, just asking for feedback or a rating is frowned upon. Fiverr does not care if you didn’t push your client to leave a positive feedback, that isn’t the point. You cannot discuss or ask for feedback or ratings period. As said before, when the order is delivered, the client is prompted to leave feedback on their experience. They do not need additional nudges from the seller.



Plus if the seller asks or hints for feedback after Fiverr has already reminded them to leave feedback then they could get upset :angry: and not leave any on purpose. I never ask or hint for feedback and my feedback percentage is 81%. :wink: I think it is all about how you treat your client, how good your communication skills are and how helpful you are.