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Asking buyer to accept logo in delivery, and continue work in inbox

I am working on an order, which is taking a lot of time since buyer is replying very late. For example, on the first day, I sent him concepts and he replied after 18 hours. I also have to design Business Cards, Social and Stationary designs, and just have 12 hours left.
Can I ask the buyer to just accept the logo through delivery, and I provide the rest of the designs through inbox?

Please guide me, I’m a new seller.

That’s called an incomplete delivery, and it’s a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service. You could get an account warning for that.

You can ask the buyer to extend the delivery time.


You also may want to add more days to your delivery as it is impossible to create an original logo get it approved and then proceed to deliver everything you just mentioned in 1-2 days.


Okay I’ll ask the buyer to extend the delivery time but how many times can I ask for it?
The problem is I’m working on time, but the buyer and I are having timezone issues, as his is completely opposite to mine, so when its night here, he is having day time. This is causing a delay in communication as he replies when I’m asleep.

Should I ask buyer to extend the time, once, for like 3-4 days? Or I can ask the buyer to extend time multiple times?

Technically I don’t think there’s a limit to the amount of times you can ask for an extension, although I wouldn’t know if that might affect your profile.

Send a extension request for the amount of time you think it will still take for you to complete the order, considering your different timezones. If you think 3 or 4 days, then ask for 5 days just to add some padding. It’s better to deliver it ahead of time than late

Be sure to explain it to your buyer as they would still have to agree and accept the new terms.

Okay I asked for the time extension and they agreed.
I have one more question, not related to this one but if you can answer it, that will be great!
If I deliver the order on time, but the deliver the modification after the timer hits 0, will my order count as LATE? I read somewhere that the first delivery must be on time, and I can send the modification any time I want, even after timer ticks 0, and it won’t affect my profile or anything. Is that true?

Thank you so much for the help tho!