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Asking buyer to give 5-star, is this against Fiverr TOS?


After completing every order can i ask the buyer to give me a 5 star directly or shall i explain indirectly using words like
leave a positive review etc?


Personally, I wouldn’t mention reviews. I especially wouldn’t suggest “positive.” If Fiverr sees it as manipulation, you’ll have problems.


like when we deliver the order there can we use a statement like =
“expecting a positive feedback/review from you”



No, saying you expect positive feedback is manipulative and impolite.


Can you suggest me a better way? @fonthaunt


If you ask directly for 5 star It will be again of TOS

Sometime I use just “please review the work”
I’m not sure exactly what is the best. :slight_smile:


Suggest to leave an honest review.


@mmh4560 i never tried in the new update so dont know about this


You can’t ask for a specific review, but you can ask for just a review. But it’s not needed, as a lot of people review orders even if you don’t ask them to.


My personal suggestion is to be friendly and professional and do great work. That kind of service often earns 5 star reviews by default. It works for me. I don’t ever mention reviews.


Yes, it is against… There are many ways to ask, without directly asking 5-star review…


My advice: Never interfere with the buyer review process, asking to do it or trying to push the buyer into a positive review. Besides, it can give you an unpleasant result. Sometimes, we don’t review because we are not really sure about the product or service, and we just don´t review it, because if we do, we may leave a bad one. And I say “we” because we are (almost all) sellers here, but buyers in other places.

Also, it is against the TOS to ask for a positive review, as already stated. And for just a review, you can face what I explained.


Hi,u can say if u like my work . please rate it


Yeah, that’s accepted.


If the review is lower than anticipated you can ask buyer to check if this is the review they’ve meant to leave.

But I’d suggest to reserve this option for the clients you have a good working relationship with / who’ve left a glowing review otherwise, etc. and put a disclaimer on top that you’re 100% fine with the rating if this is the one they’ve meant to leave initially.

Because buyers occasionally rate orders lower by accident (especially if they’re doing so from the app).