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Asking buyer to save gig?

Can I ask buyer to save or love my gig to find me easily in Future.

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It’s not good practice for asking save or love my gig and one more thing is:
after completed project some people ask the buyer to send review . this is also a bad practice.
if buyer is happy or satisfied he/ she definitely through a good feedback and save your gig for next order.

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Not only it is a bad practice to ask for review, but it is also a serious violation of Fiverr’s ToS.

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Two quick thoughts. 1) If your buyer is happy with you, they will remember you. 2) Asking them to ‘love’ your gig, looks a bit desperate.


It’s not a good practice

I am not taking about asking buyer for review & I don’t do that.
There are some buyers are new to the platform if they save the gig will be easier for them to find me. I just wanted to know is it goes against fiverr rules

I am not taking about asking buyer for reviews here. Please read the post carefully then comment

You’re right @web_jonayet