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Asking Buyers For A Review. Right or Wrong?

Hello everyone,

I will once again say a graceful and happy new year to you.

Over the months, within and outside Fiverr, I have had some people deliberate on the issue of asking a BUYER for a service review after work delivery, if that is right or wrong.

First of all, why do we have or need feedback? Or more accurately, why do the blue chip companies ask for feed backs from its users? The answer is simple: they would like to know how their service was to the user; then use it towards correcting their flaws, promoting or improving their service.

So the big question is: Why will some BUYERS object the idea of SELLER’s requesting to drop a review? It’s again simple: when a SELLER asks for a review, you as a BUYER have all the right, power and decision to either post a positive or negative review; or nothing still. In other words, if the SELLERS service was not satisfactory based on your assessment, do not be hesitant to tell them how you feel about their service. That’s what being a service provider is all about: Give or Take…

I know that here on Fiverr no SELLER would want below a 5 or 4star, or worse: a negative review. However, it is inevitable, as BUYERs still have the right to express how they feel about a SELLERs service.

So BUYERs when asked, kindly do so. It will help the SELLERs improve…



It’s your decision but it’s not something I would ever do. I want my buyers to be comfortable and leave a review only if they decide to without being made to feel like they have to.


I always ask them to leave a review but only if it is honest (whether bad or good review) and only after telling them about the benefits of leaving the review. One benefit to the buyer is that they’ll be helping their fellow gig buyers, and buyers will feel noble after they leave a review.

And even if that review is a bad one (1 or 2 stars), if you as the seller professionally address why the customer’s complaints, then you actually boost your credibility to future customers. It tells future customers that you are a type of seller that cares about your customers no matter what. It makes you really trustworthy when you professionally address complaints.


I ask for everything, tips, reviews, and my favorite, “communicate within the order, not here. this is the pre-order area.” Here’s my delivery message:


The word document has what I did.

If you like my work, please give me a 5-star review.
If you really like my work, tips are always welcome. :slight_smile:

If you’re NOT HAPPY, I will give you a REFUND, just scroll up, click “resolution center” and start the process.

If you have other concerns, address them ASAP.
Thanks for your order!
My Name


Speaking as a buyer, I have no problem with sellers asking for a review. Probably half of the sellers I’ve worked with have asked for such. As long as it’s done in a polite way without too much pressure, it’s all good.

Even a second request might be alright, especially because the message system is sometimes glitch.

That said, if someone were to ask several times for a five-star review, that would probably end badly. Sometimes, there’s a reason the buyer doesn’t review…



I feel every buyer should see giving a review, after a job is completed, as part of their responsibility to the community.

First, to freely express how they feel about the service they got and secondly, to help the seller improve in the course of their services.

Necessarily, a seller would want a review to be positive, to boost chances of getting more jobs, but I think it is not compulsory a buyer gives positive review if it is undeserving.

However, i would not encourage a buyer gives a review in a hurry, especially if its negative without efforts to make the seller make some corrections if required; until after such effort, without improvement, then say how you feel with your review.


How is that working for you, asking for tips? Do they do it more that way?

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If you are new seller or 1st level seller, you may do that. However i dont think that is a good way. I personally never ask buyer for review, especially tips. I want to make them feel free and comfortable with my service. The most important thing to me is that they will come back for the next order.


Hi, Contentcruise.

You may find that there aren’t that many buyers who consider themselves part of a “community” here. It’s quite possible that many buyers feel no responsibility at all beyond paying the fee, and that they couldn’t care less whether the seller improves in the course of his or her services.

When faced with a buyer who is just here “for business,” it might be best to politely explain that a review would help you (the seller) build your business. Presuming that the service or product was adequate and the request is polite, many “just business” buyers are willing to add a review as a “professional courtesy” or a “favour.”

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I usually wouldn’t. A lot of buyers know why they do not give reviews. Like the old saying goes “If you don’t have anything nice to say…”

Of course there are other circumstances where the buyer forgot to make the review then a gentle nudge may be necessary. What I would do is send them a follow up message to ask them if everything was fine with the service provided and if they said yes and seemed pleased then I would ask ask them if they wouldn’t mind giving some feedback on the service.

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I don’t ask for tips-afterall once the buyer reviews their purchase, they re given the chance to directly tip us so, it sounds desperate to my mind. No offense to those who do it, everyone has a different approach on the matter.
As for reviews, yes, I include a brief reminder in the gig delivery such as : "please feel free to rate your experience with me and let others know why they should hire me’’. But that’s all. In my category, it is common I believe that clients refrain from leaving a public review either because of privacy reasons or because they want to check the predictions’ credibility and whether they will come to pass.


Asking for a review from happy clients is okay, but I think it’s much better if you wait for them to provide you with one without even asking for it because it means you did superbly with that gig.

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I do it like this:

Hello Mam,

Consider writing a small review If you are fully satisfied with the work. It will help me a lot.


Then its up to them…

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It is really funny down here when a buyer tells you that you have done very well in offering your service to him or her and instead of giving a 5 star feedback the buyer ends up giving less. Then as a seller you will be left with the question "WHAT IS WRONG?
All i want to say is to implore buyers that they should always appreciate the effort of sellers. A negative feedback and comment reduces sales.
Thank you all.

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Yes, I think so. Before asking for tips, I would rarely get them. Now I get them more often. The only time I delete the tip mention is when the buyer selects the tip gig extra when he orders, one of my gigs has it. Asking to be tipped twice is going too far.

This is my view, in America to get something, you have to ask for it. Want a raise? You have to meet with your voice and ask for one. You can’t wait for others to recognize your worth because others are too busy with their own problem. I know Fiverr isn’t American, I know Fiverr is global, but I think this philosophy can work globally as well.


Exactly, because if someone feels pressured then they may leave something less then positive.


I also ask for a tip (except from the buyers that feel TOO AGGRESSIVE). The nice ones always give me one :slight_smile:

I asked a buyer for a review once and he denied ever purchasing from me :slight_smile: . Never again.

If you go above and beyond of what is required they’ll be sure to leave you a positive review. Keep communication open with the buyer during the order, so they’ll know that you are in fact a real person. I find that buyers who I interact with more tend to leave a glowing review.

Although for those quick orders I leave something like this.

Hi, xxxxxxxxx

Here is your order, hope that it is exactly what you need.

If you need anything changed please let me know and I’ll be more then happy to attend to your request.

If you enjoyed my service it would be awesome if you left me a positive review :slight_smile:


Something along the lines of that try and use some “fun” words like “awesome” “cool” ect. Make it as informal as possible and I’m sure you’ll see some results.


Good approach. I notice that those I interact with more tend to leave reviews. I have seldom asked for reviews, but I sure appreciate it when they do. I may add in a sentence about reviews at the end like you do. Although I’ve noticed that generally more people lately have been leaving reviews. I’m guessing it’s a general upward trend on fiverr, but maybe not.

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