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Asking buyers for an honest review

I can’t find any legit article in the TOS that says you can’t ask for a review, you can’t ask for a positive review because you get the warning message below as soon as you write “positive review” or “positive feedback” but there’s nothing about asking for an honest review to help you improve your gig, please share your experiences with us, did anyone get banned before for asking for an honest review, please don’t just be like “got more time on fiverr and it’s forbidden” or “i have more experience”,I read the terms and there’s nothing against asking for a review, a buyer can give you a 4star review or a 3stars, even after you ask for it, everyone asks for feedback, fiverr himself asks you for a feedback, but manipulating a positive review is the tos violation, asking for a review isn’t, there’s a huge difference between positive review, or just review! Cheers


No, you cannot ask for “honest feedback” or any other synonym to get around the system. I agree that the Terms of Service should be clearer on this, but you also have to think about it from a customer service perspective. You are here to ensure that your customer is happy and that they get what they ordered. Does asking them to leave a review really benefit your customer during their current order? Or is it only for your benefit?

The customer does not owe you anything other than paying for your order.

That is not true. I have never once asked my customers for a review, and a lot of other sellers haven’t either.

See these threads containing responses from Customer Support regarding your question:


Alright !
So we all know asking for positive reviews are against TOS, but I have read dozens of articles where people are banned just because asking or disguising reviews.
Asking for particular kind of reviews , Honest or ask to change dishonest one to buyer may put you in trouble.
Its Buyer’s privileges to add whatever reviews he wants to add and even if he wants to add or not…

Being seller we are getting paid for work we are doing and they are rewarding us with payment so I would say leave them alone once the task is completed !


thanks for showing me these, now i know what’s up about this, but to be honest it’s kinda unfair to not mention such thing on the tos but still ban people for it, anyways, gonna stop doing that!


yeah i get it, it’s unfair at some point, some buyers don’t even know what a review means, happened to me a few times, once you say can you consider writing a review, they go like aah sorry i didn’t notice the review section and they write it, some just ignore the message, those who ignore might bring trouble, i think they need to add a more precise article about this!

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This is interesting.

I follow a Top Rated Seller (I won’t mention their name) who has some awesome podcast/YouTube content.

They have been on the platform for 3 or 4 years I think, and they say they always ask for a, “Review”.
Nothing more, nothing less, they state this is perfectly acceptable. So 3 or 4 years down the line and they have never had a problem.

I certainly don’t want to break the rules, just frustrating that there seems to be so many contradictory views on the matter.

I can see both sides of the equation. Good/Bad.


Hope everyone is well.

Time to insert a clichéd, yet fulfilling smilie methinks…


It is up to a buyer as to whether they wish to leave a review or not.

There have been many forum posts where sellers have got a warning for discussing a review.

Best to leave your buyer alone and move on.

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there are some top rated guys with 1000orders and 999reviews, there’s no way they got them all without asking at least 10times

There is no point in indulging in speculation.

The most important thing is to protect your Fiverr account and you have been advised how to do that.

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