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Asking buyers for reviews, Tip and not to reject the order

Is Asking buyers for reviews, Tip and telling them not to reject my order when we has less time left instead tell them to message me I will solve all things.

Is this right? or it’s against Fiverr ? Will it effect my account or get account suspended


I think it’s best to avoid asking for a tip and not to reject the order. Please note that requesting modifications (Reject the order) has nothing to do with your ratings and it won’t be counted as a late delivery if you fail to submit the modification within the stipulated time frame i.e. within 24 hours after the gig delivery deadline.

You can politely ask for a review, but you should not force them to give you 5-star rating :slight_smile:

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Asking for a tip is wrong on all levels. A tip is given by a buyer if they deem your work and their experience as being amazing and thus deserving a reward.

When you go to a restaurant or any other place where tips can be given, have you ever heard the waiters or other employees asking you directly for a tip? I highly doubt that :smiley: It’s something that comes natural without being forced, and without talking about it.

Asking for specific ratings is considered an act of manipulation, even more if one starts to also blackmail for getting a specific rating. However, asking to leave feedback / a review is allowed if it’s kept general without telling how many stars or what feedback to leave.

Telling a buyer not to reject your order if you were late is also wrong, too, considering that some buyers purchase knowing beforehand the time it takes to deliver that you advertised on your gig, and they have their own plans, time concerns and schedules. Some buyers depend on you to deliver on time, and failing to do so can destroy their plans and schedules, so naturally they have all the right to reject the order if you failed to deliver it on time.

But if the order isn’t late yet, but there isn’t much time left, you can reassure them that you will deliver on time (like not a minute later, thus before the timer ends) as per your advertised delivery duration. So just because an order is “almost” late but not actually late, a buyer cannot reject an order if it’s not late and you’re still respecting the advertised duration to complete it.


Even you are late, your best bet is to blow the buyer’s mind by delivering an outstanding job.

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I don’t think this is a good idea to ask your buyer for tip. From the very beginning of my Fiverr career I never ask my buyers even for a review, let alone tip. all I do is I try my best to deliver in time with quality works. In result, most of my delivery are tipped and positive reviewed.


Oh you mean if I once deliver the order and then a guy orders revision e.g after 3 days have passed of the order It will not be delivered late right?

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Asking for a tip is wrong on all levels: Direct asking for is wrong but most users never know that they can give TIP I guess so when we write, " If you like my work leave a review and Tip". If we worked good they will give tip if they think no how can we compel them even if we say 100 times they will never TIP.

Rating : We ask just to rate I never asked anyone to rate me 5 as I too think work speak rather than words.

Telling a buyer not to reject your order if you were late is also wrong: Actually I am telling that if I keep 3 days I deliver order on 2nd day then user is offline for lot of time and comes back before when only 2-3 hours are left for due time and he asks revision I guess this is wrong as he was late to respond not me.


I never have been late for 27 orders I did but matter is if I keep 3 days for buyer and deliver on 2nd day then he orders revision on 3rd day when we have only few hours left so what I can do in that less time as he was late not me

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Since you have delivered the order the first time, you are not late. You don’t have anything to worry about because the time you are seeing won’t affect you anymore, just revise the delivery and let the buyer decide.


Yes, of course :slight_smile:


New thing to learn actually I was worried a lot that when someone will ask for revision and I have just 2 hours what I will do.

Thanks for this dear.

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Great to learn new thing. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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It doesn’t suits professionalism to ask for tip or even to talk about tip because it’s totally depend on buyer’s mode. Secondly @naikoosuhaib don’t you feel like it’s begging :pray: someone? This may totally destroy your image.

Yeah I agree to ask about review. That Fine! :ok_hand:


Bu there are cases where you may fail to deliver just because of the buyer dissapeared :frowning:
For example, I need three days to do a whiteboard animation video after seeing the script. Some buyers attach their logos instead of the script and disappear and the clock starts and I have no idea what is their script about. They come back in the third day and provide the script, hence I have less than one day to finish everything!

Since you have long experience in this, what do you think is the best way to deal with this situation please?

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If you don’t ask someone for a tip they probably will … If you do they probably won’t! :open_mouth: