Asking buyers for reviews


Someone told me that the fiverr search results are influenced by the frequency that we get reviews from buyers. Is that true? Should I be asking for reviews on delivery? Should we be reaching out to past buyers who didn’t leave a review, and asking them to? And what about repeat buyers? I have quite a few video producers who come to me again and again, some upwards of 100 times; should I be hounding them to? How do you ask for a review?


I don’t know if there’s any truth to fiverr’s search results being rated to reviews… there’s a bunch of buyer’s with 5000 less reviews than me, appearing before me. Some of the front page sellers have 50 reviews… so… not sure about that.

I also wouldn’t recommend backtracking and asking for reviews… what you could do, is make an auto-response - in your delivery message - that includes something like “Please remember to leave a review, thanks”… But be sure not to ask for a GOOD review, that goes against fiverr’s TOS.


There are many components to the search algorithm, that is one of them.

You can ask when you deliver that they review the work, you cannot ask for favorable reviews.
You cannot reach back out to former users without spamming, which will get you banned.
Hounding is not a good idea.

Only about 50-65% of your clients will leave a review, and repeat buyers tend to drop off as they get used to working with you and feel less compelled to keep reviewing.


Thanks! That sounds like great advice.


No problem! Works for me!