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Asking Buyers to add your gigs to favorite,

Does anyone here ask the satsfied buyer to add gig to favorites? Is it good to ask?

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I wouldn’t recommend asking it. If buyer gives you a rating then that’s already extra step for them.

Some say it has no impact to your gigs anyway. Personally I think it does, but that’s a longer story. There are plenty of threads on this.

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Basically I am confused like I have good amount of Impression, click and also over 100+ orders but have almost 70 gig fav.

Why I asked this is because I see gig’s with 10 reviews and 100+ fav so just confused about that part.

High number of clicks & favorites with low number of orders might easily mean that people are interested, but they found someone better.

For example, when I’m looking for a logo designer I often bookmark multiple gigs for later. I might bookmark 10 gigs that I like but I only buy from one of the sellers and maybe in the future I buy from others.

You need to work on your gig description and portfolio to close the deal.

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