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Asking Emaill address

The client is asking for my email address, for further more details. And I am very new to fiverr.
ideas please…/

"email address
Need an NDA and intellectual property agreement please?’.

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What service are you offering that needs an NDA?

If it’s not needed for your service, then DO NOT provide ANY contact information.

Don’t do it.

Don’t let the Buyer bully or threaten you, or do anything that doesn’t feel right.


Don’t ever exchange any contact details with any customer. Fiverr will remove you! Work strictly on Fiverr. Do everything on Fiverr. Report sellers who send you email addresses or contact numbers. I do because they are wanting to work with you outside Fiverr. Fiverr protects you in more than one way: They handle your payments (so you don’t need to give your payment details to someone you don’t know), they protect you from scammers, and most important, if you have any problem with an order they assist you. Don’t be tempted! Not worth it!

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Flat out No on Email address unless there is some 200% compelling reason why there is no other way. Asking for email is not only against TOS but plain invasive when there is a perfectly workable system right where on Fiverr - where both of you have committed to doing business.

If you let them take you off-platform you have no protection at all from CS.

As for NDAs in my experience unless we ae talking Coke, Nike, The Army, CIA, or Days Of Our Lives scripts, there is nothing of value or cause to be signing extra contracts. Most people who ask have a massively inflated sense of their importance and lead to nothing but drama (that isn’t half as fun as Days Of Our Lives).

I would advise them that your discretion is part and parcel of being a professional at insert your thing here and not needing repetition in extra paperwork. You can settle on making a note in the contract here on Fiverr that you won’t go blabbing your their unique pink fly trap for feminist frogs (oh jeez, sorry I just blew it for you).


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I’ve had few NDAs to fill for some projects, in 0 case my mail address was required.

Make sure to verify their company identity and legitimacy before filling any paper of this kind.

But sharing your mail address should be a big No-No warning sign for any customer reaching out to you in order to collaborate. Out of all my clients, only 1 has my mail address, and this happened ONLY AFTER several orders were made.

Just say no. NDA means no proof of work, and as a result they can request a refund due to no proof of work.

Also : is this client requiring YOU to produce a NDA ???
If yes, you can just ignore this request … (and block this user if I were you).