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Asking for a 5 star google play review

Quick question. I am new to Fiverr, and have not yet had anyone purchase a gig. One of my gigs is to provide QA testing on a mobile app. I just had someone message me and say they are interested in buying my gig, but they would like to know if I could publish a 5 star review on google play for their app after I am done.

This seems a bit like they are trying to pay for a review and seems slightly unethical (it is possible, of course, that the app is actually a 5 star app!). Is this against Fiverr’s rules? I did a quick search and I actually see other gigs advertising that they will do this, so I assume not?


It is I’m afraid. If you google the term ‘Fiverr Amazon Reviews’, you’ll see there was a major news article back in 2015 where Amazon sued individual fake reviewers. Fiverr have pretty much cracked down on anything that can be considered a ‘review’ from that point on, so you’d likely lose your account if you did this. Anyone who is offering Amazon reviews just hasn’t been caught/reported yet.

We’re even careful when offering our VO service, to ensure that advertising scripts very clearly sound like an advert, and we turn down any scripts that say things like “I’ve just started using this product and it’s amazing…” etc.

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Thanks! I will just report them, then!