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Asking for a change for a completed order

I got a buyer that keep asking changes which Is beyond price range. After accepting delivery, day later wanted to change whole ratio of illustration. Which he specially told me to framed like ref photo in the beginning. It’s impossible to just crop to change ratio so I might as well as start again. Thing is he didn’t review after completion. Can he give a negative review if I turn down that ?.


He can, but you can always respond to the review and explain what happened.

Did you try offering him an extra add-on since you have to change the ratio? Maybe he’s open to paying a little more.

If not, contact CS and let them know what the problem is.

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This is from the Fiverr help center:

  • The buyer has ten days to leave reviews once the order is marked as complete.

So if it’s less than ten days ago, he can indeed leave a negative review.

However. This is how I would sort out this little issue:

I would offer to do the extra work, but point out that his spesifications have changed, and because of this, it will incurr a fee. I would charge the same as my original offer if I had to start all over again.

Explain in a nice and professional manner what the extra work entails, and make sure the buyer understands that you can’t just re-crop the image.

Best of luck!



I often get this after weekends, because buyers aren’t working on weekends so they won’t check the delivery until the following monday. By then, many orders will have automatically completed.

Due to this I offer revisions, even after the order is complete - however, any work that isn’t covered by me (the quality of my work, following instructions etc.) will always incur a fee.

Wait, is the order actually “complete” or are you still waiting for the buyer to accept the delivery or for 72 hours to pass?

You can ask the buyer to create a custom order for this changes. Explain him that this is very hard to do and you may need start over the design.

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The post said “after completion” so I took it for granted that the order was in fact completed by the buyer or automatically.

The wording is vague enough that I wasn’t exactly sure of the circumstance.

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Yep after completion. It wasn’t even one of that auto complete.

Gotcha. It’s bad practice for buyers to start demanding changes AFTER an order is accepted and withholding the review to potentially use it as leverage to get extra work done after the fact.

Unfortunately, for up to 10 days since the order was completed, he could potentially leave a harmful review for not going along with his demands. Contacting CS might be a good course of action if you have proof he is lording his review over you for more work.

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I don’t have any proof that he might leave negative review etc… But looking at how demanding the buyer is I think it’s 80% possibility. Can I contact the CS after I got my bad review :man_facepalming::thinking:

Can I just refund him and cut the lose ?

In this case I would first try to resolve it with the buyer. I’d do this in a manner that doesn’t come across as forceful in any way - so for example, you could ask him:

"Hi. I understand that you need me to…

I normally don’t offer changes to the scope of the order after it’s completion. However, I’d be very happy to help you sort this out.

In your original description, you said you needed… (insert his original requirements here).

Since your requirements have changed this does involve a fair bit of extra work on my part, I would kindly ask that you accept the following order extra.

Unfortunately, I can’t just re-crop the files – and will have to make several adjustments in order to make sure the end result look perfect.

Thank you for understanding. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!"

Something like that might work.

Think of this as a business transaction: you’re hired by a client and the scope of the project has changed. It happens all the time! Don’t just “give up” and refund him - that will cause you to loose revenue, gig ranking, order completion, and even worse: it will ensure that the buyer never returns, and that he gets a bad experience working with you. Turn this into something good, rather than giving a bad impression of you and Fiverr.

Changes to projects happen all the time, and it’s part of doing professional work. Handle it like a professional, and you’ll get happy clients.


Just make very very sure that his original requirements were different from what he is asking for now (meaning you’re absolutely sure that he did in fact ask for a specific ratio, and then changed his mind)


If he already gave you a good rating, then he can’t change this. But if he didn’t reviewed yet, then yes, he can give you a bad rating.

My suggestion, be cordial, explain that his request will demand extra time working, and you simply need to charge extra too.

for me, if it’s quick changes I don’t mind to do, but if it demands extra working time, I charge extra for. I have no shame to charge for my work, even more if the buyer is trying “to abuse” my good will or the fiverr rating system.

I just don’t want to work with him again. Is this possible to mutually cancel the order after marked as complete ?

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no, it’s not possible.

If you completed the requirements of the original order, and the order got closed, you don’t need to do any more work. All buyers accepted this with the terms of service.

you can simply block him if you don’t want to work with him again