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Asking for a friend who does not believe in us 'doers'

I was having a pointless discussion today about what I have chosen to do for a living. So, I’ve come to you guys for your opinions. :slight_smile:

Is it possible to find and start a potentially profitable ‘brick and mortar’ business that does not require capital, does not involve providing a service, and perhaps ‘slave labour’ to make a decent living?

If you absolutely had to, what type of ‘brick and mortar’ business would you start in your own country?


Are those still a thing? :wink:
Mine would be a school which teaches people how to freelance online


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Private storage is very big and growing in the USA and is everywhere. It only requires one or two employees, and a large number of storage bins of all sizes. It’s an easy business and a growth business. Like any brick and mortar business it requires an investment to build the storage buildings, but it seems they can’t build these fast enough to meet the demand.


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How can there be a business which does not require capital and does not provide a service? Money does not grow on trees!


This was my point exactly. I was trying to explain the advantages of working online but some people just don’t get the internet. :slightly_frowning_face:


I get where you’re coming from but nothing really beats an actual job. Whether it’s online or offline, a real job is always a better option.

What do you consider a “real job”?

Two words “Job Security”; with much better future prospects.
Fiverr is great and all but they can terminate your account tomorrow and there’ll be nothing you can do about it. Firing people, on the other hand, is much harder.

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Point taken :slight_smile: