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Asking for a particular rating is against our Terms of Service and may result in your account being restricted

This is a new one!

Today, while I was delivering an order, this message poped out:

“Reminder: Asking for a particular rating is against our Terms of Service and may result in your account being restricted.”

When I deliver an order, I always remind my buyers that they can leave a positive rating, in case they think I delivered a nice job. I never force anyone to do so. I just remind them how important is for me (as well as every seller) to complete my order with a positive review. Again, ONLY if they think I did a great job.

Reminding them to buyers is extremely important, especially now that they can mark our orders as complete without leaving a review at all, But now, seems that fiverr don’t even allow us to remind to our buyers how important this is to us.

The mentionted message never came up until today, and I have delivered hundrends of orders in the last 4 years, asking politely to my clients that they are free to leave a positive rating, in case they feel like it.

Did anyone else noticed that? What are your thoughts?


I think we are safe as long as we don’t ask for “particular” rating. We can always ask our buyer to leave their kind review, or their honest feedback if they think our work was good. I think we can remind them. The warning just emphasize or asking for a certain rating, like saying “leave me 5 stars” etc


Asking for a positive rating or 5 star or anything like that has been forbidden for a while; you’re lucky that you got away with it for as long as you did.

Just ask them to leave a rating without going into specifics, or don’t mention a rating at all; I never ask, and I get reviews on 76% of my orders.


There are plenty of buyers who complained on the forum about being harassed for good reviews (telling them how important it is for you, may well be already seen as harassing)
and there are literally hundreds of posts by sellers telling other sellers that it’s only allowed to ask for a review, but not for a good review.

I guess Fiverr now finally either acted because of those complaints by buyers and installed something like the thing checking for “money, outside of Fiverr, email” etc. in inboxes to stop this, or one of your buyers complained about it so they checked your account specifically, but I guess a new automated process is more probable.

I don’t ask at all either and currently am at 79% rated orders; it would probably be more if I asked but meh.


Yes i have found this change a few hours ago too. I guess this is one of their new rules.

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I’m glad that Fiverr is now looking into this. I’m also a buyer and it’s really annoying when a seller asks me to give then a positive or 5-star rating.

Fiverr reminds me at least twice that I should a review. I don’t need a seller asking for a 5-star rating.


Do you find it anoying saying “you are welcome to leave a positive review for my service, just in case you are fully satisfied with my delivery” ?

You are not allowed to ask for a positive review, no matter how you word it.

Also, since Fiverr reminds buyers twice to leave a review, adding a reminder of your own (so that the buyer is reminded 3 times) is very likely to be annoying.


I’m welcome to leave a positive review, but what about a negative review?
Why do you need to tell the buyer what kind of review they should leave?


My first idea is that you are not an honest seller. Sorry, that’s not a personal attack but that’s exactly what I think when I receive that kind of message from an amazon seller who ask me to leave a positive review on amazon or from an hotel who ask me to leave a positive review on tripadvisor…

Why don’t you tell your buyers that they can leave an honest review - positive or negative ?


I wouldn’t say that I am not an honest seller since I always inform my clients about the smallest detail regarding the service they ordered, so they’ll know exactly what to expect and what not to expect.

We are not talking about your services. We are talking about the fact that you remind them to leave a positive review but you don’t remind them that they can give you a negative review.


Yes, I find that annoying. :roll_eyes: It would cause me not to leave any review. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: On the other hand if the seller said something like:

“I would appreciate a review of my services so that others buyers may know what the quality of my work is like.”

I would be okay with that. :wink: I do not like being asked for a positive review. :neutral_face:


I don’t think this got through, that we cannot ask for a positive review. It seems like it was not understood or accepted for some reason.

For me, I just write “Before leaving feedback, please let me know if you have ANY issues with your deliverable and I’ll do everything in my power to correct it for you…”

I didn’t ask for any particular rating or force them to leave a review. I just remind the buyer I’ll do my best to make changes for him for free.


It doesn’t break any rules to say that, although some buyers might take advantage of you and ask for more than they paid for when they see you are desperate for a positive review to the point of saying that.

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I understand how some people may take advantage of this. But as I am just starting out, I think I need to go the extra miles just to keep the ball rolling. In the future I will change my policy may be I’ll limit the number of revisions.

Just hope I won’t encounter bad buyers lol.

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I often remind buyers to leave a review and I’ve never really met a buyer who thought it was offensive/harassing to ask them to leave positive review. However it has got to stop.

But asking for a specific review such as 5 :star: is against Fiverr ToS. Thus the popup giving a warning now occurs! :sunglasses:

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