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Asking for a revision when they... don't actually want any revisions?

I’ve had this happen a few times and wonder what your take on it is.

So, you deliver an order, the buyer likes it, but puts it “into revision” so they have more time to review the order, or to show it to clients, before it automatically accepts.

This kind of annoys the heck out of me - I’ve done the work and you like the work and you’ve got a revision included, so don’t abuse that function so you can take more time to assess an order when I’d happily provide the revision even if the order’s been accepted! It seems disingenuous to me to withhold pay like that when they already have a decent number of days to review and check the order.

Usually when they do this, I’ll redeliver the same order delivery, adding a note that I’m happy to provide revisions after it’s accepted, but that I don’t want a completed order to show up in my incomplete orders as it’s confusing (which is true, I find it incredibly aggravating because I’m compulsive about clearing the active orders page every day). Now that it’s happened more though, I’m wondering if this is fairly common?

Has this ever happened to you? What are your thoughts?


Super annoying but I don’t let it affect me.

I understand that people might have different circumstances And might need more time.
I just have a quick reply ready and just press “send” button along with redelivery.
Of course I’m explaining that fiverr is giving 3 days to review it and even if they don’t have enough time they can always come back to me if fiverr autocomplete the order and I’ll deliver as many revisions we have left and that we can’t keep orders open without an actual revision and bla bla bla


This has happened to me many times as well.

Happened to me before in weird situation. The buyer did said ‘Good work’ but why he requested revision with that response as the reason of revision, I don’t know; probably new to buying stuff despite registered 5 years ago. Since there’s no reason given, I did asked more about it but no answer. So, I sent the file back and then the buyer’s gone, with no single response, offline for days until passed the date of the review.

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It’s very annoying and against the rules.
I would be cautious about offering revisions after the order completes though as it could be used against you, should they want to change things in a week, a month or year’s time.

It depends on the client to be honest and the value of it. For small orders I feel this so pretty annoying as it should be pretty easy to assess the delivery.
For larger orders I use my discretion but I wouldn’t just leave it without mentioning some kind of time limit before you redeliver or you could be waiting forever. After all, they have the delivery and have no need to come back to you.


I usually knock this on the head quick and tell people they can’t do this. For me, it is always a sign of trouble ahead.

I tell buyers that my rates do not reflect me keeping orders open for moe than 3-days. Then I lay it on thick about how my delivery times are set in a way that allows me to work around family commitments and childcare.

I don’t have nor want a human child. However, I have found that insinuating I have a baby makes people treat me more like a human than a machine. Maybe make up a make believe baby of your own to see if this works for you too.


You can mention fiverr’s terms of use and that they have three days to ask for revision.

btw, fiver customer service will not help you with this, they will tell you that the buyers need time to discuss and maybe they are busy so you need to give them time. Cancelling the order is not a solution either. So you need to deal with it by using a smart answer,


Or dog care, as the case may be. :wink:

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I always tell buyers that I’m happy to offer 1 single revision up to a month after the delivery date when they do this, since they paid for the revision and I know that sometimes they do have to wait for third party confirmation regarding the delivery. That said, I’m very specific about what is and isn’t included in this revision. I haven’t had any issues so far, thankfully.


Yes, that’s so inconsiderate!

Maybe try putting a note in your gig for buyers to please consult with you first if they need more time for third-party or colleague review.


In voice over, if they put it in revision without a reason for the revision and an adjusted script they will get a “raw” file delivery from me straight away. And a kind request for proper reasons.


Thank you for this thread. I have a client that just did this to me. And now it says I’m late. I wasn’t sure what to do about this. I’m going to redeliver the original to her and ask her not to click revision unless she needs it. I did offer someone a revision after it was completed, so I think I’ll make a quick response about that and about not putting it in revision unless there’s an actual revision. Thank you all for discussing this.


I wouldn’t “ask” her. I’d say, “Please keep in mind as written in TOS that the “revisions” button can only be used when you have a specific revision request and not when more time is needed for review. For that reason, I need to redeliver. I’ll be happy to handle your revision once I have specific feedback- thanks!”