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Asking for a sloution

hi i want to ask for a tip that about 1 week ago a buyer comes to me to find the web development company so he can reach out to them and provide the product he needed 500 companies with the person name and email there was not much detail i provided him two emails first was person and second was a company they he checks and accepts the delivery and tell me it was okay before the order I have provided the sample and tell him again and again to check the sample he was saying it was okay and then he put the order after 6 days he come back and telling me there were bounce emails but i did not guarantee that there was no bounce email and i have checked the email with never bounce i have a screenshot as well and we have not discussed that he will need absolutely 0 bounce email if he have told me i would have refused him tell me what i have to do and check the google he has created a new account to send bulk email and google gets suspicious and banned the account


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What is your question? You’ve only provided the situation.


thanks for replaying my question is i have done my work as discussed and have give sample of work before they make order to make sure this is the type of work he need but what if he ask for refund and threat me Because heard fiverr support buyer over seller

In your gig you say “100% verify email” though.
Maybe in your gig you could add an FAQ question about whether you guarantee the emails won’t bounce or something.

You could contact the buyer and explain what you said here, and showing the proof you said you had and that you did the work as stated in the order. Maybe you could say you aren’t responsible for what Google does (maybe there are better ways to do the emailing than through google). But it’s up to you whether you want to offer to cancel if that’s possible if what was delivered isn’t working for the buyer.

verifying and bounce are different thing what verifying i am saying is they are vaild email and bounce means that when send someone it go to spam

I thought bounce could mean it returned as it couldn’t be sent eg. that it could be an invalid email address.

But like I said you could put in the FAQ (or somewhere else in the gig like gig description) something about the fact that you don’t guarantee that all email addresses given won’t bounce maybe.

there was about 1000 emails in which only 30 have bounch i have provided two cloumn first was the person email and second was company so total there was 1000 email and there was only 30 and somethinh was bounce

thanks for the advise i appricate your help i will put FAQ in gig

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