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Asking for contact information while designing business card

Hello all,

i was having a doubt that contact sharing is strictly not allowed on fiverr and i am okay with that,now imagine a logo designer offers stationary with that and he has to design a business card for buyer,he will have to ask buyer for their info.will that be against Tos?


Before you create such a gig (that requires you to exchange personal info. with your buyer), it is a good idea to ask Fiverr for permission to share personal information with buyers who purchase the said gig.

Fiverr will then have a look at your gig and decide whether or not the gig really requires an exchange of personal information. If Fiverr gives you permission, you can exchange personal info. (only) via the order page. If Fiverr doesn’t give you permision, unfortunately, you cannot exchange personal information.

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Sounds like a good idea,Thanks. :slight_smile:

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To be honest, I wouldn’t bother contacting CS unless you really need to. They can misinterpret requests and this in itself can cause problems. The issue regarding contact information is also overblown.

99% of orders would be impossible to complete on Fiverr, if there was not at least a partial exchange of contact information. You can’t create a logo or anything audiovisual for a brand, without knowing the brand name or website. Neither can you write blog or promotional content for a brand or individual, without first being linked to their website for context.

The majority of buyers understand that sellers can’t create anything without basic information like web URLS etc. In this case, they provide it upfront. This usually makes it easy to grab whatever information you need to complete a project, without having to explicitly ask for contact information.

The main thing to remember is never to send buyers your personal contact information or ask for theirs. You may also want to avoid bringing clients to Fiverr who are used to communicating with you privately via email etc, as this can cause unnecessary problems.


Thanks for the help brother. Appreciate it . (y)

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Thank you cyaxrex for your excellent answer. It helps me a lot.

i get kick from fiverr after asking my buyer number. before asking talk with support. :worried: