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Asking for extend the delivery time

i have this client that i didn’t realize would take a relatively quite a time (1-2 days) to reply on confirmation project progress

even when the deadline is overdue and they asked for revision and i asked for extra deadline time in return (so it won’t affect my performance) they agree but after i have done with the revision and ask for the confirmation they gone again and i have passed the deadline again :\

at this point, i feel bad to ask for an extra deadline again by blaming the client for the time they took to reply to my messages. Since i understand everyone has their own thing to do, priority and time difference aside from replying to messages
but… huft idk, i also don’t want to lose my lvl 1 badge

(edit) i just realize they online several mins ago from the last seen notif but didn’t reply my messages :upside_down_face:


If you deliver promised work on time that ticking clock wont affect your on time delivery and your level…
Did you already delivered the product on order order page - through Delivery button?

I don’t understand, why must you get a reply for confirmation of project progress?

Also, how is the buyer able to get a revision if the order is overdue?

If you have revisions, the buyer can ask at the last minute for a revision. Although it will say you are late, ignore this, you can leave it in revision for as long as you want. Say a week, and then when you have finished the revision, deliver.

I never wait to confirm whether the customer is happy or not, when I have finished with the project, I deliver the goods - in the delivery section, not in the messaging section.

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not yet because i was waiting for the confirmation incase the client want to change anything or not, so i send the sample through message to them
when they agree that they like the final result i’ll then delivery the project

You shouldn’t do that…
When you complete task just deliver that through delivery button and wait for client to give feedback and put back that order to revision…
You don’t need to share them completed work through inbox and wait for their feedback !

it may turn out worst some time !


because it will be harder to revision if i directly send the final project to them since my gig is about illustration, so i’ll send the draft sample first then after got the confirmation they want it like that or they want to change anything i’ll work from that (imo)

i didn’t send the project yet, i was waiting for their confirmation that’s why i’m late

do you mean i can send the revision after i deliver the work? how? i don’t know about this… gosh i’m so stupid

sorry, i don’t know that revision can work like that at all…
i’ll look more into how revision works, thank you so much for the advice
i really learn something through problem :sweat_smile:

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This isn’t how Fiverr works. By doing this you are harming your own stats - as you are discovering.

Once you’ve created their work - deliver it. The client can then ask for a revision if they want. Your buyer might be busy and deliberately ignoring your ‘messages’ - waiting instead to see the delivery notification.

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ohh, is that so… Thank you for your advice! i never been as a buyer so i don’t know how Fiverr works from buyer pov
it’s surely a new thing to learn, thank you again!

I had an order I delivered, and just before the order was going to be properly processes, (when you deliver Fiverr give 3 days in which the client can opt for a revision or close the order from their side), so before the order was closed (3 days), the client asked for a revision.

If you have selected revisions, then they can do this. That is why I only give 1 revision, not unlimted.

When this happened, it went over the 3 days and I got a message in the order section ‘LATE’, I inquired about it and was told to ignore the message. So I did that. Everything went smoothly.

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Does this means you have unlimited deadline if you put it in revision state?

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