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Asking for Free Services


Does anyone else run across tons of people requesting flat-out free stuff? I have a proofreading and editing gig, and I get a crazy amount of messages from would-be buyers saying things like, “Since my document is only 500 words, will you just do it for free?” or, "I’m sending you 1,000 words from my file. I need you to edit it for me just so I know you’re good. Then, I may order."

Are you kidding me? The site is called Fiverr, not Charity Case. Every time this happens, I want to reach through my computer screen and flick their forehead. Instead, I have to settle for flicking in the direction of my screen. Granted, I’m not able to visually show my skills through my gig page as well as a graphic artist or designer can with lots of samples, but I have plenty of reviews that should be evidence enough. Plus, it’s totally insulting to a seller who puts hours into their work nearly every day to stupidly ask for free services.

Surely, I’m not alone in this. Does this happen to you, too? I wish I could tell them how I really feel, but I instead just send an uber-polite message saying that all services are rendered through my gig page by placing orders (which makes me even more annoyed that I somehow need to explain the obvious).


You are definitely not alone. It’s really hard with writing gigs. I have already made up samples for my writing that I send to buyers. I make it clear that they are already online and they’re unlikely tailored to the buyer’s needs, so I don’t fear that they will be copied. Being polite is the best way of dealing with it. It’s difficult at times but it’s all about the good customer service :slight_smile:

There are buyers who will try it on you. I tend to see them as the annoying ones that would give me a headache if they did order from me, so I’m not too bothered if they don’t come back. The ones who are genuine will always ask for samples that are pre-written to judge your skills or pay for a small sample.


Oh yes, I get it all the time.

In my case it is translation.

Can you do it for free?

What? You charge for a gig extra? Why can’t you just do it for me for free?

I am on a very tight budget, I know it’s supposed to be a $200 gig, but can you

do it for $75? I promise I will place more orders in the future, blah blah blah…

Just tell them ( nicely of course, which is the HARDEST part for me!!) that

you are not going to do anything for free.

No free stuff, and no discounts. If you gave them discounts, it would be

unfair to the other sellers who paid the full price.

I know it reeeaaaaally gets annoying, but just tell them you won’t do it,

take a few deep breaths, drink a nice cup of tea, and move on with your

other gigs! :smiley:


I never cave and give away free services or discounts. That’s not economical, and it would be completely ridiculous to give someone services simply because they don’t feel like they should pay like everyone else does.

As annoying as it is, the polite response is always the best way to go. However, after receiving my third request for freebies today, I just had to get my frustration off my chest. I’m definitely not shocked that this happens to plenty of other sellers, but I still say it’s crazy!


For some reason there’s this idea that because services are already so cheap, it’s no big deal for us to give away a “sample” for free, especially if the buyer wants something less than our gigs offer.

I’ve even had a buyer come back after ordering one single gig, like a month later, and ask for another 200 words to be tacked to their original order, but refused to pay because it’s was "not anywhere close to word limit you offer for a single gig."

I usually just (politely) explain that this is my full-time job and I cannot offer work without payment, as it opens us both up to legal issues (i.e. if they don’t pay for the work, I do not relinquish copyrights).