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Asking for help is first step to improve.. Kindly Help!

Hello all,

I am not much new here but its necessary to keep updating and improving yourself.

We have such an amazing community here who is really really helpful to each other in every
possible way.

Friends, today I need your help and the most valuable suggestion in the comment section that,
how can I improve my 2 below gigs to improve my sales and provide great buyer experience.

Thanks a lot in advance to all of you,


I like your introduction, very catchy. A couple of things I noticed.

Your Website Gig:

Your prices are very high. Perhaps you want to lower them a bit. Maybe you can offer a discount to the first 5 clients or so just to attract buyers. Once when you get a view reviews you can bump them back up.

Your gig description has a lot of mistakes in it. You should consider hiring a writer or a proofreader to have this fixed.

Your Menu Gig:

Consider making individual gigs. Split up the topic. For example: “I will design your restaurant menu”…I will design your flyer"…"I will design your poster"etc. This will bring you more exposure and it will be easier for clients to find you if they type in specific keywords into search.

Your gig description needs work. Again, consider hiring a writer to make it stand out.

A video for your gigs would be great as well. You can make a slideshow showcasing some of the websites or flyers you have worked on.

Good luck.

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First the bad news:

  1. Your English. Your gigs need to be completely re-written. Most of the (good) costumers on Fiverr are from English speaking countries, so the writing’s quality is specially important.

  2. Pricing. You have 0 reviews. You cannot be selling stuff for 500 bucks. That’s ridiculous, nobody will risk that amount of money on someone with no reviews or portfolio. You need to price aggressively.

  3. The portfolio is weak. Show, don’t tell. You make websites? I don’t want to see 3 pictures of them on your gig, I want links so I can explore some websites you’ve designed. I want a video showing your design process or the websites themselves.

The good news:

I can help you with all of the above :slight_smile: Just send me a message!

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Hello mam,

I am really very grateful for your detail suggestions.

Its really big deal that you find some time for me.

I will very happy you ask for any kind of help in future.

Thanks a lot again

Hello Sir,

I really very grateful to you for your valuable suggestions about my gigs.

I will surely make the require changes and will take your help for further changes.

Thanks a lot for your time.

I did a little research into your gigs… and it appears as though you have stolen images from the internet to include within your artwork. This is illegal, and known as copyright infringement. As you work to make a name for yourself, I strongly encourage you to own the rights to ALL images and photos that you use within your artwork.

Stealing the photos and images created by other people, and using them as your own – without legal permission, could get you and your gigs reported and removed from Fiverr.

Do not steal the work of others, and use it as your own. This is 100% illegal.

(And please do not claim that you have not stolen anything, because I found those images on the internet – on websites not even related to the work you feature as your own).

Consider this a word of caution. Stay away from copyright infringement. This could kill your business – your gigs – and your reputation. Not to mention that fact that also makes it possible for the people who do own those stolen images to sue you. You don’t want that.

You also claim, on your Fiverr profile that, you have been, “Providing our service for more than 6 years to this community and happy to help you further.”

This is false. While you may have had an account on Fiverr since the listed date of May 2014, this is neither six years time, nor have you likely sold anything – or gained any reviews.

You have zero reviews in only THREE years. This is not seven years, as you claim, and you have most definitely not been “providing our service… to this community” in any way.

It is extremely unwise to make false claims about who you are, what you do, and what you have done. Even just basic research, like I have done, proves that you are incorrect, and presenting yourself as something you are not.

If you wish to become a successful seller on Fiverr, you need to stay away from lying about who you are, pretending to be someone you are not, and exaggerating about what you can do. Be honest, be truthful, and be you. Most customers can see right through the kind of pretenses you are displaying on your Fiver profile, and within the content of your gigs.


First of all, I am really very grateful that you found your valuable time for me.

Secondly, I was never intended to claim anything which is I am not. Before being too judgemental and
come to any conclusion about anyone, at least you could ask some clarification or let me put my point
of view.

I have been web developer since I completed my graduation in 2007 but, I am full a time freelancer and doing my work since 2011. So what I was trying say by " serving in the community for more than 6 years" is a IT community. It might sound like fiverr community which I should clarify and I will.

Also you said, You found some of the images I used on the Internet.
“Kindly specify which one ??”

So that I get a chance to give my justification about it.

I am quiet honest and might be slightly misinterpreted seller and I will surely do necessary changes
to make my gigs more transparent and well understandable.

I really appreciate and very grateful about your efforts.
Looking forward to your reply sir.


I have no interest in helping you justify the theft and copyright infringement of images stolen from the internet. You “artwork” uses imagery that I found on other websites that are not your own. You cannot use whatever images you like from the internet, and claim them to be your own. You do not own those images.

I’m not so sure.

I had a buyer who found images on a site that I also used in my demo and accused me of theft. Just because some site was using the same royalty free images I was using doesn’t mean they were stolen. I have a SS account and can legally use their Royalty free images – no restrictions. I assume others also have SS accounts and they can also use the same images without any restrictions. In both cases using them were legal – well at least I know it was legal for me to use since I paid for the images. I can’t speak for the site that was also using the same images, but I assume they also had an account and paid for the images.

I’m not so sure because someone finds images on the net that someone else is using means they are stolen or violating any copyright laws. There are tons of paid and free royalty free sites. Using chrome you can easily find the same images scattered throughout the net. In most cases, webmasters use royalty free images - they rarely create their own. There are even sites where you can create the same items and they are royalty free for anyone to use (i.e. photoshop moch ups).

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