Asking for help VS Begging for work


So every now and then I get messages (and I’m sure plenty of other sellers do too)
from other sellers ( mostly new ones) asking for help.

I don’t mind at all if the person is asking for help.
They clearly state their ideas, they tell me they have done A, B, and C, they also
express other options and opinions, but would like other additional advice.

A few days ago I got a message asking for my help/advice and I had NO problems
helping that person.
However, just the other day I got a message saying stuff like “Please respond as soon as you can, I need your help”, something along that line.
I thought it was an emergency rush-translation situation or something, I reply right away, and then the person says “I need your help, I need work.”

Basically begging.
Of course my reaction was not positive, I told the person she should not be begging for work, and clearly she was upset telling me that she did not expect such attitude from me.

Well here’s the thing, there are plenty of nice people out there, and I would like to believe that overall I am a “nice” person.
However I don’t usually act that kind towards people who beg in unprofessional ways.

New sellers, it’s OK to ask for help. It’s OK to ask for advice.

Don’t beg for work though.

If you can’t tell the difference between asking for help ( in a professional manner) and begging, you might not be ready to work here.


I don’t like getting messages asking for help when we have the forum for that. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of them.


Well said Zeus. I do not think anyone likes someone who is in business to beg for business. If they need to PM people and beg for business then they should not be in business. I have even had those who have contacted me through messages. If I miss one my response rate could go down. The I would not be happy with them at all! :angry:


The main fiverr site is for work only.
Not only such messages waste the sellers time, they may harm the sellers respond rate if they don’t respond in time.
If you are seeking for advice, it should be in the forum and never rush your helper especially when they are helping you for free.


Ironic thing is though, many people contact me saying “I saw you at the forum…I think you can help me” kind of stuff. :roll_eyes:


Some people think that, if they see you advising others here, it’s an invitation to message you on the main site and beg for work/favorite exchange/special tips/whatever.