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Asking for more money

I am new to fiver. Have placed one order with no issues. Placed another for a simple logo redo (I already have one and wanted a new one), answered the questions the seller had up as to what I was looking for…then their first reply to me was that the logo was too hard and I need to pay more than $5. They asked me in that first message how much more was I willing to pay for the logo?

What the hell? So then I submitted a cancellation request saying I didn’t want to do business with the person and they keep refusing to mutually cancel.

Please note, my logo is one word, 2 colours, no pictures or anything. I just wanted maybe a new font and new look to it.

Not a great experience. What do I do?

Still happening. I bought two gigs yesterday and both asked for more money. One went from $5 to $35 the other from €5 to €100. The $35 one completed the sale without sending me anything and then asked for more money to complete the work. I would complain to Fiverr, but there seems to be no obvious way of contacting them.

If anyone knows their email address, could they please let me know so that I can let them know that these people are destroying their great website. I have spent hundreds of dollars on this website and will not come back if this is not resolved to my satisfaction. I am sure that I am not the only one having this experience. There are many other similar websites today, but I have up to now liked this one.