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Asking for my location

A buyer is interested in my gig and asking me what state I’m in. I’m leery of that. Is that allowed to state my actual location?

I think it’s not allowed.

Thank you for your response, I figured that. Then then the buyer might be a scam.

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I’ve discussed location with Buyers in the past.

No problem.

However, in your case, it’s none of the Buyers business to know.

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I don’t believe there is any TOS prohibition on saying where you are generally.

As in I am on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia (along with ~680,000 other people).

My address I will not share with you, simple because there is no logical reason. I would assume that any valid request for a general location would come with a fair reason like, I am on Brisbane time, where are you so I can look at Time & Date to work out when we can chat easily about his project?



My gig is to beta test a website and to give feedback and that’s when I was asked about location, maybe to create an account to test the website.

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