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Asking For refund

Hello guys,
I need an advice.
Some buyers try to get there money back after getting the service.
What can we do for this?
But I don’t want to refund. Because I already done the job for him.
Thank you.

If a buyer asks for a refund, there must be a reason. Some buyers are unreasonable, true, but in most cases they are not happy with the work provided.

I see you have lots of golden stars, so the quality of your work probably isn’t the problem. If you don’t want to refund, and the client insists, you should contact customer support about the case.

Have you given any thought to your Gig requirements and descriptions? Do they state clearly what you need to do the job, and what the service includes? If the buyer expects something else, or more than what you’re offering, it can be a problem.

Making it clear from the beginning what you’re offering at what price is important.

I don’t know your particular case, but if you dissagree with the buyer about a refund, Customer support is probably the way to go.

Best of luck :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for your reply.
I explained everything and buyer agreed to accept the order.

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