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Asking for Reviews - This is what CS said

To put the issue of asking/hinting for reviews to rest. :sleeping_bed: I wrote to CS to ask if we are allowed to ask for nonspecific reviews. I told them that it was a source of controversy on the Forum and that we would appreciate knowing the truth of the matter and that I planned to post the answer here.

Here is the email I received.

This link is to the article on feedback that Amy mentions.

Note Amy said it should be of the buyer’s *free will *.

So, I would say this shows why buyers who do not like being asked or reminded for a third time to leave feedback report sellers to CS who do so.

This will be a good post to refer to when anyone asks if they can ask for or hint for reviews.


Vickie, I’m afraid people will continue to not listen at all - even reading CS’s response to you.

They always know better, and think they’ll never be caught by the system, or a buyer… Until they see by themselves the wolf’s teeth, they’ll keep asking for “review”, “feedback” or whatever other word they decide to use to play with fire…


In fairness, all they need do is add a bullet-point saying

“Do not solicit feedback (positive, negative, or neutral) in any way in case this is misconstrued as manipulation.” And just leave it at that.

Because there is still waaay too much room for interpretation, the article doesn’t rule out asking for feedback.

And Amy also doesn’t state it, and the bold part is about changes to feedback. She also contradicts herself after saying:

“Providing feedback must be buyer’s free will and nothing and nobody should have influence on that”

by then going on to say:

“Fiver reminds them”

Which is influencing the buyer’s decision to provide feedback.

Again, it all comes down to language, because whilst there is nothing wrong in the world (or by the ToS) with saying, “please feel free to rate your experience”, and everything wrong with “If you are pleased with the delivery, please rate your experience”. There’s always a chance of a misinterpretation, by buyer, seller, or CS.

And as Fiver “Reminds” them twice, why in heck would you need to ask anyway unless you are trying to manipulate by only asking the clients, sorry buyers, you already know are happy. Ooh so in that instance, asking “please feel free to rate your experience” would also actually constitute manipulation in the context of all your deliveries!

Okay, so, just don’t.



That is really what it is all about. Getting caught. :wink: Sadly, there are many who do not read TOS or whom purposely cheat. Then they come to the Forum to complain about how unfair Fiverr is. Some cry :crying_cat_face: and whine :weary:, some rant :triumph: and rave :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: but they are all in the wrong whether it was by accident or done on purpose. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Thanks for taking the time to clarify this, Vickie!


It’s the level system. Many are concerned about receiving feedback because their level depends on it. There’s not a great deal of consistency in explanations which is why many do this.

That said, this needs to be pinned so that all can see.


Not exactly on topic but very related … people who haven’t (ever) ordered anything (in a while) might find it interesting to know that once you left your review of a delivery, you get a screen that says “Thanks for your Review! It’s customary to leave a tip for the seller’s service.” as a header above the preset and custom options for a tip, so I’d also recommend to not ask for a tip either, in case anyone who reads this even needs a recommendation like that. :wink:

The buttons to click on that screen are “No, thanks” (so I’m not sure why the buyer who recently posted and seemed to think tipping is mandatory would think that) and “Tip now” in case anyone was curious.


That is right. It happen during my last order. I never ask for tips, but you have pointed out a good reason not to ask for tips in addition to not asking for reviews. :wink:


I think it used to say something like “Later” instead of “No thanks” for the tip thing.

eg. “It’s customary to leave a tip. [gives the options for how much][Later]” (no “No thanks”). Or at least whatever options it had there was no “no thanks” option I think, so you would have just had to not click any option if you didn’t want to tip.

edit: at the end of this video in this link:
“show you appreciation to the seller by leaving a tip” (this was before the “customary” thing)
and it said “$5 / $10 / custom” and "tip now " or “later” with no “no thanks” button.


I didn’t know this! I’m not sure how I feel about Fiverr asking for a Tip on my behalf…

I understand why, it’s all about their cut, but still…

I charge what I charge and don’t want customers to feel obliged or awkward, was a freelancer for years prior to the Gig economy. Is this just part and parcel these days I wonder… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Bravo!!! :clap: I could not agree more! :slightly_smiling_face:


It depends who you ask in CS.

I have a message from them saying it’s fine to ask as long as you don’t ask for a positive one.

It’s been circulated on here before, but Fiverr also have a video showing you that it’s ok to ask for a review.


How old is that letter?


I’m hoping this works.

The video also still exists:


I did not realise they did this!

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I just asked the CS Rep whom answered my enquirey to please clarify her answer one way or another.


I think they’ll always be quite wooly. They need us to get reviews - they don’t care what those reviews are.

I don’t see anything wrong with a seller asking for a review - as long as they don’t try and influence it. You shouldn’t ban something because some people may abuse it - you need to punish those who do.

In my opinion.


I think it would be better if Fiverr just stopped giving buyers reminders to review orders and relaxed a lot of messaging restrictions.

It is completely normal to invite feedback and even send unsolicited messages to past clients notifying them of service changes, etc off Fiverr. For this reason, I’d say it’s counterproductive for Fiverr to impose as many restrictions as they do.

Of course, you will always get sellers (and buyers) who attempt to abuse the system. However, in fairness, if anyone buys from someone, they should have sense enough to report a seller who tries to manipulate the system. Some won’t, but… Well, they’re called Darwin Awards for a reason.

I really miss inviting buyers to leave a review (whatever their experience) before suggesting that if they are happy with their order, they are welcome to share my gig on their social media channels. I’d also like to stop dropping long-term buyers every time I increase my prices, by letting them know about upcoming changes and exclusive (to them) special offers.

Right at this moment, I’d also like to let some buyers know that it would be really helpful if they could leave a review. (None of my regulars bar one currently do.)

In short, I’d just like to be trusted to take care of after sales care and discussion the way I want to. Instead, my buyers get a shed load of spam from Fiverr asking for tips, reviews, and even messages saying, “hey, you’ve been searching for article writers, check these other sellers out,”

It’s all very annoying.


Unfortunately we are at the mercy of the lowest common denominator. Some sellers abuse the system and annoy buyers, so we all pay the price.


This is from today.

I did tip, by the way, very happy with my purchase.