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Asking for Reviews - This is what CS said

Though it was be safer not to say “customary” at all, unless they really have stats that back it up. It’s doubtful the majority of orders rated 5 stars were also given a tip. If they’ve no stats for “the job being really well done” and a tip being made being in the majority (or at least a high enough number) of them they shouldn’t say it.

They could just say “Would you like to leave a tip?” or something similar that is less likely to possibly mislead buyers.


My clients who left me nice tips this week were not feeling mislead. I felt they were very grateful to me. No one is going to leave a tip who doesn’t want to, regardless of that message.

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It may be customary in some countries, I know it is in the US. It is not customary to do so here or in many European countries as far as I am aware. It is not even customary to do so in restaurants here as there is fair minimum wage paid. People do tend to tip if the service is particularly good but there is no issue if you don’t.

I despise having someone ask for a tip on my behalf when I am just doing my job that I have already been paid for. It goes against the grain for me.
Let me safely keep in touch with my regulars instead, that’s guaranteed to have a much more positive effect on sales than a few quid as a tip.


That’s a good point, that it’s cultural. At any rate I was just glad to get some tips after a very long time without any. And I definitely go above and beyond for my clients. We tip a lot for almost anything in the U.S.

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I love your perspective. Well, I think Fiverr is allowed to ask buyers to provide a feedback which helps them rate the services that was rendered. This feedback also protects other buyers from getting into the wrong hands.

In all, it’s important to realize that Fiverr believes her feedback system is essential to the trust value they sell so they don’t joke with it.

It is also never customary to ask for tip. Asking makes tipping less likely because its rude. Fiverr’s whole tipping message comes across as corporate e-begging.


I agree with all of this. Couldn’t have said it better.

It’s frustrating because all of the pieces are here to be a successful, full time freelancer on Fiverr, but they don’t seem terribly interested in any one person being able to actually do that. At least, not for more than a couple of months at a time, anyway.

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A lot of people need to be figuratively hit over the head with a message before it enters their consciousness. And that message does that. :hammer: :face_with_head_bandage:

Fiverr is not the place to be subtle. :mega: :ear:

It’s ‘customary’ to tip here when dealing with someone in the service/hospitality industry (so waiters, bartenders, hotel staff, cab drivers, etc), but that’s about it, and it’s only customary because people in those fields generally get paid faaaaaar less than minimum wage, so the tip is basically their salary.

I’ve literally never heard of a freelancer being tipped in the real, face to face world. That would be… rare.

Agree 1000%, and the wording of it is especially troubling.

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I’m debating with myself, after reading this thread. I’d certainly prefer a more subtle approach.

However, I’m thinking that it might be better for all of us when Fiverr rigorously tells all sellers to not ask for neither review nor tip and takes over that part themselves in a corporate (and easy to ignore) way than what some sellers most obviously practice/d. I’ve been asked for a tip as a buyer before, it ain’t pretty, and I think buyers are more bound to leave or not leave a review or tip out of their own free will when asked in that corporate (click “no thanks” or “tip now” way) than when having sellers ask, or beg, for it.

To clarify, what I mean is that if buyers are annoyed by the asking for reviews/tips practice some sellers don’t see any issues with, they might leave, which would be caused by the sellers who do that but would hurt all sellers, including those who’d not ask.

But yes, in either case, that form would be much more to my liking without the “customary” bit, agreed.


People have been complaining on the forum that we never get tips any more. Now fiverr is taking some measures to try to correct that and people think that’s wrong too. Obviously people are free to ignore that message if they want to. And most buyers do ignore it.

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Yes, they do! I used to get tips quite often before Fiverr made the tip fee $2 instead of a percentage of the tip.

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They should say It is mandatory to tip. :grinning: Lots of buyers never read much at all. I know they don’t read the messages I send at least half the time.

Yes, I’m not a fan. It’s kind of a guilt-trip and pressures buyers. They paid for a service and they don’t owe us anything else.

I don’t understand why businesses expect patrons to supplement the income of their staff, freelancers, contractors, etc.

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Some commented: :arrow_down:

And: :arrow_down:

So, I once again contacted Amy and asked her to clarify whether or not sellers will get warnings if they merely ask for a nonspecific review. :roll_eyes:

Nonetheless, Amy had not answered my question of whether or not there would be retribution for requests like those I quoted above. :arrow_up: :grimacing: So, I contacted her once again. :wink: However, Amy did not answer me; Jenny did, and her response was quite clear. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

So, now when sellers come to the Forum seeking the answer to the often asked question – Can I ask my buyer for a review? I will have the proof that CS said, what Jenny noted above.


I get the feeling there are major internal communication problems on Fiverr. It seems they’re not on the same page about quite a few things.


Having worked in a few different companies, this is a major challenge, to keep everyone in a department up to date on all the policies.

They can have meetings and send around memos, but what each employee actually absorbs differs.


I had to make my question very clear before I got the final answer. I told CS I would be sharing the answer on the Forum. I think the first CS rep passed my question up to a higher level rep as Jenny’s answer sound a bit more authoritarian.

And it seems that even some of their old videos promote something that Jenny said sellers should not do. :thinking:


Same! I did not know it was ‘customary’! It seems rather impolite and grasping… and I hate the idea my clients are being asked for tips. I’m embarrassed now!


Thanks for taking the trouble to post that, miiila. I had no idea. Scary stuff.

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