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Asking for Reviews - This is what CS said

People have been complaining on the forum that we never get tips any more. Now fiverr is taking some measures to try to correct that and people think that’s wrong too. Obviously people are free to ignore that message if they want to. And most buyers do ignore it.

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Yes, they do! I used to get tips quite often before Fiverr made the tip fee $2 instead of a percentage of the tip.

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They should say It is mandatory to tip. :grinning: Lots of buyers never read much at all. I know they don’t read the messages I send at least half the time.

Yes, I’m not a fan. It’s kind of a guilt-trip and pressures buyers. They paid for a service and they don’t owe us anything else.

I don’t understand why businesses expect patrons to supplement the income of their staff, freelancers, contractors, etc.

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Some commented: :arrow_down:

And: :arrow_down:

So, I once again contacted Amy and asked her to clarify whether or not sellers will get warnings if they merely ask for a nonspecific review. :roll_eyes:

Nonetheless, Amy had not answered my question of whether or not there would be retribution for requests like those I quoted above. :arrow_up: :grimacing: So, I contacted her once again. :wink: However, Amy did not answer me; Jenny did, and her response was quite clear. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

So, now when sellers come to the Forum seeking the answer to the often asked question – Can I ask my buyer for a review? I will have the proof that CS said, what Jenny noted above.


I get the feeling there are major internal communication problems on Fiverr. It seems they’re not on the same page about quite a few things.


Having worked in a few different companies, this is a major challenge, to keep everyone in a department up to date on all the policies.

They can have meetings and send around memos, but what each employee actually absorbs differs.


I had to make my question very clear before I got the final answer. I told CS I would be sharing the answer on the Forum. I think the first CS rep passed my question up to a higher level rep as Jenny’s answer sound a bit more authoritarian.

And it seems that even some of their old videos promote something that Jenny said sellers should not do. :thinking:


Same! I did not know it was ‘customary’! It seems rather impolite and grasping… and I hate the idea my clients are being asked for tips. I’m embarrassed now!


Thanks for taking the trouble to post that, miiila. I had no idea. Scary stuff.

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