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Asking for revisions after time is up

I am new here so I guess this will sound like a stupid question, but I couldn’t find anything on Google, so here I go.
I deliver an illustration to buyer, she went offline for some time and timer has ran out for me to deliver her work. She showed up later, everything is cool, but illustration needs some small changes. She also send me a message where fiverr was asking her “deaduse4 has sent your delivery. are you pleased with work?” and that’s the moment that I don’t get. If she will press “no” because she needs those small changes, does it means that my work is going to waste and I will not receive money because my time to deliver her work ran up?
I asked her not to press anything and said I will deliver her pic with revisions in private messages, so after that she could press “yes” for the previous version.
Thanks for your time, and yep, I am a bit paranoid, sorry for this


Is order completed automatically ?

Other hand i understand !
Once a order delivered at time and its wait for 3 days. and your client send revision at third day, this order will show order in LATE but its not late.

And i don’t think if she press No then order goes canceled, Means your work will waste. there will be revision. you need to complete modifications and deliver again

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If she presses “no”, the order status will change to …


When an order is rejected, the buyer requires the seller to revise the delivery to fit the buyer’s requirements. The seller is prompted to deliver again and both users are encouraged to communicate on the order page to sort out any issues with the delivery. The seller is not timed on delivering their revisions.

  • As sellers , you will see an orange ribbon on the order page to prompt you to deliver again.
  • A buyer will see a message indicating that revisions were requested to the seller.

Note: The seller is not timed on delivering their revisions.

Once you redelivered with the required changes, the same thing. If she presses “no”, see above, if she presses “yes”, the order status will change to “completed”, and you’ll get your money after the clearance period.

you’re my savior! thank you so much :heartbeat:

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thanks for the quick reply!