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Asking for revisions after two weeks

Hello everyone,
Two weeks ago I made a powerpoint presentation for a person and completed the he is asking for add extra slides to the presetation.Now what should I do,I am confused.I completed that order before two weeks ago :neutral_face:


If this is really a revision and you had that information in the original requirements and you still have revisions left in your order then why not to complete it?
Fiverr CS also will be able to cancel the order if your client will complain. (But only if it was in original requirements and you didn’t provide all revisions included in your gig)

If this is totally new information that your client is asking to add then just tell him that it’s not part of the original requirements and doesn’t fall under revision but you are happy to add those 2 slides for x amount of $.
(Which seems to be a situation in your case)


@mariashtelle1 Great information. thank you

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:slightly_frowning_face: but I got his order completed and he also added 5 star review for my work…and now he is asking to add extra slides for the presentation i made.thanks for the advice

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@powerpoint_pro you should do that, if there is too much revision, Than ask buyer for some tips.

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