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Asking for sample design concepts from seller?

New to this site. Looking at Graphic Design gigs can you ask the seller to do a proof of concept for you before sign up for the full gig. For instance if a seller is offering a complete package for say $80 can you get a proof of concept to make sure they understand what you are after and can build something based on your vision? It could be a simple low fidelity logo that can’t really be used to start out with but you can be charged a smaller amount to start. Is this a common ask and is it something the Fiverr system can handle(custom billing for a smaller project)?


Welcome to the Fiverr forums.

Yes, sellers can craft custom orders. Asking to buy a small custom sample is perfectly acceptable.

(Another benefit is discovering a seller’s communication skills.)


You can always ask for a paid sample though don’t be surprised if sellers will refuse because it all depends on a seller’s workflow and some skip “sketching” process, for some services sketching and creating concepts actually is the biggest and most time consuming part because for some services it’s much faster to color your sketch than work on creating ideas and concepts.

For example, this is my sketching process and that’s why I never provide samples because it gives zero idea of what you’ll get at the end.