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Asking for sample

Is asking for sample before placing order is legal?

Yes , of course you can check if the seller that you are hiring is the perfect fit your project or not .By asking about their past experience(work) or some sample work .
Enjoy :slight_smile:

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it is not about past is about sample of real work.

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you want free work , if yes it’s not good idea i guess nobody will do free work . if you really want to check their skill you can ask about their past work sample .



If a buyer asks me for a sample of my real work, I send them a custom offer for $5 to buy a sample. I do not do any work for free. :wink:


my buyer want free work . i am seller.

good idea. I will do the same next time.

@ehsan364 Don’t do it , if you feel like it’s a fake buyer who wants some work free or send them past work sample

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Thanks for helping me

There’s no rule against it. It’s up to you whether you want to provide a potential buyer with some free work or not.