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Asking for social media for packaging design placement

hello everyone.
I’m so confused. my first client came for packaging design…
and i’m doing a sample first… i need the her company social media account username to place it on packaging … but fiverr for bids it (as i know) … order is not placed yet and conversation in inbox.
I asked her like th
(any company stement or social media you want to pace on it)
and she send me her instagram)

is it a TOS violation … please guide me and how to proceed.


Custom samples don’t need details. Why are you making a sample in the first place?


Because its a big project and doing a sample will help me get it.
second i’ll place watermark on it but i want to show a complete final look …

My question was that how what is the way to for for details like social media … since its prohibited by fiverr…i’m new on fiverr guide me please

Why offer a sample when you have unlimited revisions, the customer can ask for as many revisions as he wants, after delivering the final product. You offer free work in advance.

If it’s a sample, use ‘placeholder’ text, not actual information.

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