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Asking for tips on how to to sell my gig

Hi! I am new to Fiverr. I just wanna ask some recommendations on how to improve my gigs and in which i could probably sell it. And could help my find ways on how to get buyers?
Any suggestion is highly appreciated. Thank you☺


Be honest and make your gig dynamic it will helps


Welcome Dwale17,
you just started please focus on buyer request …Sent them best offer and best service you will get order soon.


Read the different tips religiously. Check out the buyers request page regularly, be nice to the buyers and most importantly, make sure you really can do what the buyer wants, not what you think you can do.


what is a buyer request, can you tell me about that? i new on this

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It is where sellers can see all the needs or wants of the buyers and make offers. If you have downloaded the Fiverr application, you can see it too. It is all on the website.


and how can i make offers?

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Under the selling tab go to “Buyer Requests”. Click on it. As a new seller, you will see only a few requests made by Buyers looking for Sellers to do work. The work will depend on the gigs you have to sell. I sell proofreading and writing so I only see those kinds of Buyer Requests. However, if you do web pages, you will see that kind of work. After you get to level one you will see 100’s of Buyer Requests.

Do not post your own gigs here to find work for yourself. Only Sellers see these posts. No Buyers are there to book your gig.

When you get there, if you see a job you want to do, click the green “Send Offer” request and send an offer. Here is some advice on how to send a good offer.

Buyer's Request could be a goldmine instead it's missed opportunities for buyers and sellers


Thanks kevin. I appreciate it :blush:


Thank you so much. I appreciate it :blush:


Thank you so much! I appreciate it :blush:

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This is great help for a starter! Thank you so much. I appreciate it a lot :blush:


Good description.Every one will understand.