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Asking help for skill development from another seller? is this legal?


Hello Guys,
I am a new shopify seller. I want o increase some skills and i messaged some skilled developer seller in fiverr. I think its completely legal in fiverr. But, Still i have a confusion.

Any help will be helpful.


You are not supposed to ask other sellers for help for any reason. It’s considered spam.


Thanks @misscrystal . If its just a spam the it will have no bad impact on my profile right? I mean, gig ranking down or account banned etc …


In addition to what has been advised suggest you read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works and the consequences if you violate them.

Everything is explained there.


Of course, it will. All the recipient (of the spam) has to do is click on the report/spam button and cite a valid reason for it. Fiverr will then look into it (check to see if the report was legit) and then either issue a ToS warning, suspend, or ban the account of the person who sent the spam.

It is one of the quickest ways of getting your account into trouble with Fiverr. You should have probably confirmed it with CS (or the forum) before you went ahead and sent spam to others.


That means you want to put your account at the Mercy of other sellers. They may either decide to call your message a spam or not. Once they call it a spam and fiverr agrees, you are in soup!!

My advice will be , please find another way to promote yourself


@videoarticle Thanks a lot. Actually i wanted to contact people. Now i got it. I’ll find another way.


If you are offering to purchase something from a seller, it’s a different matter. Your best bet is to look for someone with a gig offering to teach others about Shopify or development. If you see a developer on Fiverr that might be able to teach you something, they might be willing even if they don’t have a coaching or tutoring gig. You’d want to be very specific in your message and tell them that you are interested in buying a custom offer for tutoring. Explain what you want to learn, ask them if they are interested and ask them what the price would be.

Asking a seller to do anything for free is rude and is 100% spam, but offering to pay for assistance is usually fine.


There are probably better ways to learn about shopify such as doing a google search and taking the time to research it and learn about it on the internet. Since your gigs are about fixing bugs in shopify and building websites that use it you must be an expert in it yourself.

Your competition, which would be the people you would be trying to get help from, wouldn’t be motivated to help you to compete against them.