Asking Help, It's quite strange!


Hi, It’s Mujahid Khan. I am new at this marketplace. Currently looking for selling my services as an Android application developer. I have 3 gigs. I am doing marketing of two of my gig’s and have got views around 700 each and 30 clicks each. But still no order! It seems like strange. As I am new here, don’t know much. Please see my gigs and suggest me. Where is the problem? Thanks in advance.



I’m new too so I won’t be any help, but your gig looks amazingly professional. Do you have multiple social platforms? You should share your gigs more often, or find a group on Facebook interested in the same thing.


Yes, I am doing it. I have, facebook and twitter account. I am also popular their. I am getting so much views. But no orders yet. Thanks #ariellencodell


Hi @mujahid300, I check all your gigs, everything is accurate and looks good, my advice for you is keep sharing your gig link on social media platform and always make use of “Buyer Request” option, am sure in less than 2 weeks you will see orders.

Also, don’t put a higher price when bidding for a project, buyers choose lower price sellers.

I believe this really help?


Are you reaching out to the exact people who need you application development services? Or are you just posting your links on social media, and hoping those people randomly find you?

If you want earn orders, you need to be speaking directly to the people who need what you have to offer. Social media advertising is pointless unless your followers are also your customers. For most people, their followers on social media are just their friends. Your friends are not the people that would hire you to develop applications.


HI, Jonbaas. Thanks for your replay. I am sharing my gig to many groups where people are most likely needed IT services. And yes, I am still confuse who are the right audience for App development services. If you can help further It will be great. But I am doing that, as much as I can, getting too many views and clicks. but still no order. But I will keep patience.


Thanks @robinrichardleo I really appreciate your advice.


They look good, just remain patient, possibly add some videos?


Unfortunately, I have no idea what audience your gigs are specifically targeted to. YOU are going to have to do the research to figure this out. Your gigs are your business. You need to think like a businessman, and figure out how to reach out to the exact people your gigs exist to help.


Thanks @jelfritorres


Thanks again, @jonbaas


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Thanks @pacquo I will do that.


Thanks a lot @rahulgraphics I really appropriate your advice and suggestions. And I am fixing as you said. Thanks again