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Asking me to work offline


Ive been asked to work offline so that the designer’s profile looks good. And they’re promising me to send the designs to me via email. I prefer to work on fiverr. Is this protocol? I am worried they won’t finish the work if I close and approve the job already on fiverr.


Don’t do it. Don’t close/approve the order. This goes against Fiverr ToS. You will not be protected if something goes south. Keep the communication via Fiverr’s messaging system. There’s no reason why the Seller can’t deliver thru Fiverr. Sounds suspicious and circumventing the rules. Delivering via email is definitely a violation.

Report the Seller ASAP to CS.


Thanks — it’s really strange too because the company sent a inbox” mail instead of chatting in the work “notification” area to tell me how to accept and saying they will email me stuff offline