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Asking the Buyer to Mark Gig as Fav. is allowed OR against the TOC

I’m confused about this thing that it is against the TOC of Fiverr or not to ask/ request the buyer to mark your gig as fav. ?


I think it is irrelevant whether it’s allowed or is in the TOS or not.

To ask someone to favorite your gig (which is their personal choice–nothing to do with us as sellers) is extremely unprofessional and impolite–plus, it’s demanding something a buyer is perfectly capable of deciding for himself.

If someone asked me to do this, I would never order from him again.


Wot she sed

The ONLY time you might discuss this is if a regular client was saying they have trouble finding your gig each time they come back to you. Then you ight say something like: Fiverr do have a Favoriting feature you can use to keep Gigs you like close at hand.



Besides what @anniejenkinson and @benedictrm said, I do not favorite the sellers I buy from. I merely look back through my orders when I want to contact them again.


That might work too :+1:
I have not yet crossed the great divide into being a beastly buyer.


Can’t we ask a buyer if he is happy with my service and wants to work with me again or need to buy any of my services, he can hit the favourite button to find me easily next time? I think it can be relevant if we ask a buyer nicely and this way. Because we are not asking him to 5 star feedback. This is my personal opinion and a question to all of my fiverr brothers and sisters. Can we do this?:hugs::hugs::hugs:



I don’t think it would be impolite or unprofessional! When someone is selling some goods or services, don’t they have the right to retain their customers? When you go to a restaurant, and pay your bill, doesn’t the manager or even waiter ask you if you liked the food or how the food tasted? And then he adds please come back again, even gives us the business card of the hotel saying now you can just order from home, we will deliver within 10-20-30 blocks!

Just don’t be rude and don’t be over-agressive about your work. The important thing to know, is that it’s all aboout supply and demand. If a buyer knows that your work is extremely good, deliver on time, at competitive prices then he will definitely come back to you!


For me, as a buyer, it is easier to look through my past orders than looking through the favorites. I used favorites for awhile, but I found looking through them to be cumbersome. Only 8 are displayed per page and I have to continually select “see more” to look through all of them. I would much rather scroll through my orders list which is one continuous list.


But still it’s kind of manipulation I mean asking whether they are happy or not it’s up to them if they like they will surely come back and they can easily find your profile and gigs by going past orders that buyer had or searching your name.


@vickiespencer thanks.

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Take extreme care as with this very Q you are making it about you and not about the work or them.

If they like you enough, they will tell you. If they like you enough to hire again (assuming they have the need) they will do so.

The moment you ask you put yourself in a bad position. The weak position.

Trust better. Your job is to care about doing your job well. Not to be obsessing over your gig or controlling customers.

Another way: if you ask a woman (man/goat I’m not judgey who you bunk with) if they love you, does the answer really hit the spot for you? No, because you were fishing. The answer was created not authentic or spontaneous. If a woman loves you because you are you, they will show it. Hopefully with ice cream, and biscuits, and…



Thanks for your answer brother…:v::v: